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Asian Financial Forum: A Look Back Over Day Two

The Asian Financial Forum has kicked off today at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Its two-day agenda includes an array of fireside chats between industry leaders and experts, who together will discuss and discover some of Asia’s most pressing financial topics.

Following the success of the Forum’s opening day, here we take a slice of all the best features of day two. The Forum experienced a strong opening, with day one’s programme intertwined with panels discussing Asia’s promising future in sustainable finance.

With the same level of eager attendance carried over into the succeeding programme, this initial theme was expanded upon over the course of day two, with a range of talks regarding sustainable fuel sources, wealth management and the roadmap to net zero.

Here’s the very best of day two at the Asian Financial Forum:

Building the Hydrogen Economy in Emerging Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

In 2020, the IEA estimated that demand for pure hydrogen was around 70 million tonnes per year, with almost all of the supply being derived from fossil fuels. Having opened the second day’s programme, this discussion sought to reimagine hydrogen’s use cases alongside its commercial viability.

The panel, which comprised of representatives from some of Asia’s most influential energy suppliers, including InterContinental Energy, Shell Hydrogen, BP plc and Bank of China, explored the challenges that Asia faces in building a sustainable hydrogen economy, the wider infrastructural obstacles that developing countries are trying to overcome in this regard, and how increasing use of hydrogen-based power will translate into wider investment opportunities across Asia.

Sustainable Development in the Greater Bay Area: Opportunities for Hong Kong

According to studies by Mercer, the world has experienced a one-degree rise in atmospheric warming above preindustrial levels so far. In light of this, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has estimated that natural disasters in Asia have led to $76billion in damages every year for the past ten years. It also urges that $1.7trillion will need to be invested back into infrastructure each year until 2030 in order to maintain growth, tackle poverty and respond to climate change.

This panel, which consisted of representatives from Mercer, HSBC and Venturous Group Limited, examined how the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) could leverage its unique position as a global financial centre to cultivate a leading level of sustainable development. Panellists discussed the impact of climate change on a regional level and their perspective on how sustainable development in Hong Kong and other GBA cities could be accelerated.

Shaping a Sustainable Financial Ecosystem: How to Integrate ESG Factors with Fintech

For as long as the notion of fintech has been prevalent within the financial industry, there has been aE continued level of interest in regards to how the technology is able to adhere to global ESG expectations. Headlines do point to a prevalent increase in industry-wide awareness around this issue, yet those within the position of influence are becoming more aware of the obstacles present in its uninterrupted implementation.

This discussion, which voiced the opinions of industry leaders from Value Partners Group, PortageBay Inc. and ProMEX Limited explored the impact that growing ESG expectations would have on funding, the direction of the industry, and the opportunities that would present themselves to rising start-ups in the dawn of a more sustainable financial industry.


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