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ArchOver launches R&D funding bridge for UK innovators

ArchOver, the P2P business lending platform, is now helping businesses to bridge the funding gap that prevents them continuing to grow their business whilst waiting for their R&D tax claim to be repaid.

ArchOver’s Research & Development Advance (RDA) service is the first provided by a P2P lender funding advances upward of £100,000.  This bridging finance enables organisations to use their pending R&D tax credit, based on two years’ successful claims, to raise funds from ArchOver’s community of lenders.

Angus Dent, CEO of ArchOver, said: “Investment in research and development is crucial not only to individual businesses, but to the wider economy as well”. “While the government deserves praise for unlocking cash for R&D, the long wait for reimbursement puts this funding out of reach for many of the businesses that stand to benefit most.”

Only 1.67 per cent of national income is currently being spent on R&D compared to an average of over 2 per cent across the EU. Government initiatives have been put in place to encourage further investment in innovation in the UK. Under the current system, UK businesses can claim cash repayments of up to 33 per cent of their R&D expenditure, but it can take up to six months to receive payment from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). ArchOver now helps qualifying companies to bridge this gap, and connect them with the money they need to invest in the products and services of the future.

Dent continues, “ArchOver is committed to unlocking access to capital while providing new opportunities for investors. With the RDA service, businesses no longer need to worry about having to wait for months to be reimbursed for R&D, which means they can start putting their investment plans into action immediately. That’s great news for individual businesses, and for the UK economy generally”.

ArchOver’s RDA service is a short-term loan that helps businesses overcome the cash flow problem associated with investing in R&D. Lenders that invest in RDA loans through the ArchOver platform will earn a solid return on their cash, with a rate of 10% p.a.. This service is available to companies that can demonstrate a history of successfully claiming R&D tax credits from HMRC, with at least two years’ successful claims. It provides a six month advance of up to 70 per cent of the estimated buy generic levitra australia value of an R&D claim, with a minimum loan of £250,000.

About ArchOver

ArchOver is a peer-to-peer business lending platform, connecting businesses requiring finance with investors seeking a secure and favourable return. To date, ArchOver has facilitated over £65 million of funding for UK businesses and delivered Lender returns of up to 10% p.a..

Lending with ArchOver takes place over its secure online platform. Every loan listed on the platform has been pre-screened and approved by the experienced in-house credit team. The rate, loan term, loan security type and company details are listed, with Lenders making the final decision on which companies they would like to invest in. The minimum investment is £1,000.

Companies that borrow over the ArchOver platform are UK-based, have been trading for a minimum of two years, and are seeking a minimum loan of £250,000. They must have an established management team and a proven business model based on trading business-to-business. Loans are for any business purpose, typically raising working capital, replacing invoice discounting or bank overdrafts. Loans are fixed term, for a fixed amount and at a fixed rate of interest.

ArchOver offers five lending models supporting UK businesses. Each model addresses security in different ways to suit the needs of the Borrowers and the appetite of the Lenders. ArchOver’s flagship ‘Secured & Insured’ (S&I) model allows lenders to invest in loans secured against a company’s Accounts Receivable, where those Accounts Receivable are insured. ‘Secured & Assigned’ (S&A) allows Lenders to invest in loans that are secured against a company’s contracted recurring revenue, with ArchOver taking assignment of the contracts. ‘Secured’ (S) loans are leveraged against either a company’s Accounts Receivable or contracted recurring revenue, with the main difference being that the Accounts Receivable are not insured and the recurring revenue is non-assignable. ‘Bespoke’ (B) loans are made on the same basis as S&I or S&A, with the sole exception being that the all-asset charge initially ranks second and will transition to a first charge during the loan term. ArchOver’s newest service, ‘Research & Development Advance’ (RDA) is unsecured short-term lending against an identified Research & Development claim payable to a company by HMRC.

ArchOver is a member of the long-established, privately-owned Hampden group, and is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration number 723755.


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