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Allí Me Planto: GoTo Global Joins Finaro To Cover the Earth in Great Green Trees

The multimodal mobility services provider GoTo Global, has joined the cross-border payment provider Finaro, on Mastercard‘s Priceless Planet Coalition, to promote environmental conservation.

The Priceless Planet Coalition’s main activity is the restoration, over five years, of 100 million trees together with forestry experts from Conservation International and the World Resources Institute.

Trees are one of the critical pillars that sustain the planet. Current levels of carbon emissions, natural resource use and pollution, and uncontrolled use of natural resources are exceeding sustainable environmental limits.

Tree planting has been proven to be an effective mechanism against climate change. This is confirmed by data from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which shows how limiting the average temperature increase to the critical target of 1.5°C by 2030 requires an additional billion hectares of trees. Because of this, GoTo and Finaro have joined Mastercard’s initiative and are working together to increase their share of corporate sustainability.

Paloma Real, Country Manager at Mastercard Spain, comments: “We are proud to see that every day there are more and more companies that are aware of the need to care for the Planet and want to join our program. We have an incredible network of partners and GoTo membership in the Priceless Planet Coalition demonstrates its great concern and care for the planet”.

Marie Lindström, Country Manager of GoTo Spain
Marie Lindström

Adding to this, Marie Lindström, Country Manager of GoTo Spain says: “As a multimodal mobility company, sustainability is part of our DNA. At GoTo we are convinced that a greener and more sustainable planet is possible, and we will do everything in our power to raise awareness that another mobility model is possible”.

David Jofre Tejada, Vice President Business Development and Sales, Iberia at Finaro, says: “As a provider of brilliantly simple cross-border payment solutions, we are aware that the world is evolving with every click, and we are proud to support this campaign, which encourages eCommerce and mobility’s evolution in a sustainable and safe way for the planet.”

To encourage sustainability, GoTo has developed a strategy to communicate and involve its customer base. Under the slogan “Allí me planto”, or, “I plant myself there”, GoTo with the support of Finaro, is encouraging its customers to “think local, act global.” The campaign’s objective is to bring the initiative closer to the city of Madrid so that users can easily visualise how their participation contributes to the reforestation every time they use a vehicle from GoTo’s electric fleet.

Thus, users are invited to imagine Madrid’s Retiro Park replanted in Sydney, a Madrid Mountain range recreated in the Amazon, or a Casa de Campo duplicated in Makueni. This way, they can understand the scale of the project and their role in it.

Luisana Zitzen, GoTo’s Marketing Director explains: “We wanted to offer our community of users references to the city of Madrid, so that they can see how their trip contributes to the project and the magnitude of the sustainability cause”.

The action has been amplified in social networks with an influencer marketing campaign, who are well-known as being linked to sustainability and environmental care.

All the communication materials used in the campaign such as flyers and in-vehicle hangers are made of recyclable and biodegradable seed paper.


  • Tyler is a fintech journalist with specific interests in online banking and emerging AI technologies. He began his career writing with a plethora of national and international publications.

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