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Airstar Bank Launches Full Operation in Hong Kong

  • Savings Deposit Rate at 3.6% p.a. 1 for the first HKD20,000

  • With Interest Rate Protection until Jun 10, 2021

  • Stellar Banking Experiences for Each and Every Customer

Airstar Bank today announced the official launch to the public of its virtual banking services that encompass savings account, time deposit and personal loan products. Customers can enjoy an attractive interest rate as high as 3.6% per annum 1 for HKD savings account. Airstar Bank commits to their core mission and value proposition of becoming “Everyone’s Bank” with financial inclusion in the heart.

Every Customer is a VIP
Generally speaking, the conventional priority banking model in the industry aims to identify and retain high net-worth individuals with favourable deposit rates.

Airstar Bank is steadfast in its vision to become “Everyone’s Bank”. With this in mind, Airstar Bank is determined to deliver the full benefits of emerging financial technologies and innovative solutions, providing each and every customer with proactive stellar banking experience regardless of their wealth.

Pilot Scheme Received Strong Market Response
Airstar Bank has been granted a banking license by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority since May last year. Building a full-functional virtual bank from scratch, our Bank has now become fully operational in just 13 months.

Our Bank’s pilot scheme launched this March had received positive feedback from customers, whereby Airstar Bank was able to roll out cutting-edge banking solutions with a minimum- effort-design approach that allows customers to set up accounts as fast as five minutes.

To cater for the needs of people from all walks of life, Airstar Bank’s mobile app also enables hassle-free real time money transfer in HKD and CNY using the Faster Payment System (FPS) and interbank transfer of HKD, USD and CNY through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) remittance systems.

To integrate finance with users’ lifestyle and provide ultimate convenience, our Bank is looking beyond finance to lifestyle with a range of innovative financial products in the pipeline for customers, including financial planning analysis and other features focused on personal aspirations, all available on Airstar Bank’s mobile app.

High Savings Deposit Rate at 3.6% per annum
As part of Airstar Bank’s VIP services and experience for every customer, the first HKD20,000 deposit amount at customer’s savings account is entitled to an attractive interest rate at 3.6% p.a. 1 during the official launch, which is 3,600 times 2 higher compared to the savings interest rate of traditional banks in general. The rate is even higher than most of the time deposit interest rates offered in the market. Customers who successfully open an account during the launch can enjoy an “Interest Rate Protection” of 3.6%p.a. 1 until Jun 10, 2021, allowing customers to enjoy the financial benefits and the joys that technology can bring.

Instant loan approval with APR as low as 2.99%
In addition to deposit features, Airstar Bank also offers personal loan on favourable terms. Customers can apply for personal loan instantly via Airstar Bank mobile app and are entitled to a preferential annualized percentage rate as low as 2.99%, calculated on a daily basis, with no handling fee3. All in all, our loan product allows customers to enjoy more convenient services as well as taking advantage of extremely low interest rates.

Virtual Bank shall meet customers’ everyday banking needs with human-oriented technology. As a Virtual Bank, Airstar Bank shares with users the fruitful outcomes of technological advancements that enable higher flexibility for personal loan. With this in mind, customers can choose to repay their personal loans earlier than the agreed term with no handling fee 4, allowing them to adjust the financial needs with maximum flexibility.

“All customers at Airstar Bank are VIPs and we strive to assist them in growing their wealth,” said Airstar Bank’s spokesperson. “With a mission to become ‘Everyone’s Bank’, we harness financial technology to deliver simple, tailored-made and practical products at very reasonable costs to our users through a personalized and efficient virtual banking experience.”


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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