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Aion Bank launches business banking for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Belgium

  • A fully digital business banking process, from account set up to loan application approval, all directly within the Aion app.

  • First Belgian bank to offer a completely online application process for state guaranteed bridge loans.

  • Flexible financing with simple and transparent pricing.

  • BusinessMaxTM: business banking tools powered by artificial intelligence to help you save time and money.

  • All services are available through mobile app and Aion Bank website without card readers, digipass or tokens.

  • Member assistance by mobile and flagship store

Aion is the first bank in Belgium to launch an app based digital business banking process. From accounts set up to loan applications and approvals, everything is managed directly within the Aion app. Small and medium enterprises and self-employed persons can apply for instalments, overdraft loans as well as state guaranteed Covid-19 loans, all without leaving their home or office. Businesses can also use the app to simplify their financial management and day-to-day business banking needs with BusinessMax™, Aion’s exclusive business tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Aion Bank is on a mission to help Belgian businesses secure financing to aid in their recovery, as well as reduce their expenses and accounting and administrative workload. As businesses today need to work even harder, and often from home given the current climate, Aion is proud to be the first Belgian bank to offer fully digital app-based banking for SMEs.

“Recovering business activities post Covid-19 and in times of economic downturn is not easy. We want to help Belgian business owners and managers in these challenging times,” explains Wojciech Sobieraj, CEO of Aion Bank. “That’s why we are proud to introduce a new way of business banking, adapted for today’s times. With fully digital loan granting processes and innovative accounting tools, we are making banking easy for small to medium enterprises so that they can get on with rebuilding their business working from home.”

State guaranteed COVID 19 bridge loans

Aion is the first bank in Belgium to support the new state guaranteed loans entirely online. All of Aion’s new and existing members can apply for a Covid-19 state guaranteed loan to finance their activities in Belgium, through the fully digital process available via the Aion Bank app. Businesses may be eligible to receive up to €100,000 covered under the 1.25% state guaranteed loan.

Fast and fully digital access to Aion credit at a very competitive price

Professional members have access to unsecured instalment loans and overdraft facilities with simple and transparent pricing through Aion’s app. If approved, they can receive up to €100,000. No collateral required. No additional fees. All 100% online.

Maximise your business with BusinessMax™

BusinessMax™ is Aion Bank’s exclusive service for small and medium enterprises and self-employed persons, which includes tools to help businesses reduce their accounting expenses and overall workload, save on international currency costs, and protect their sensitive company data.

“Members can save a substantial amount of time and money with BusinessMax™,” explains Vic Walia, CMO of Aion. “Using artificial intelligence, BusinessMax™ allows users to create invoices automatically matching them with payments, scan and pay company’s expenses and estimate the VAT. It also helps generate files compatible with three popular accountant’s programs. All to save our members time and limit their workload.”

Bank Premium members can easily generate files compatible with their accountant’s programs, such as Winbooks, Exact online, Yuki, directly from the Aion Bank app.

Aion Bank offers exceptional daily banking

By banking with Aion, members can easily manage their finances via the app, including instant worldwide transfers at interbanking rates, the ability to digitally manage company’s cards and execute global transactions from an Aion primary account in EUR with additional accounts in EUR, CHF, GBP, USD and PLN. Members’ employees can conveniently prepare, accept and sign money transfers using the Aion Bank multi-signature functionality, and sending notifications directly to their colleagues.

Aion advisors are available for daily support digitally as well as in-person, locally and at the flagship branch, located on Avenue de la Toison d’Or in the heart of Brussels.

My Accountant

The My Accountant feature within the Aion Bank app, powered by BDO, helps simplify accounting with end-to-end digital bookkeeping. This service automatically collects all sales invoices, cost documents, and banking transactions from the Aion app, letting accountants review documentation, calculate taxes and send all the pertinent documents back through the app.

Account Activation

Small and Medium sized businesses as well as self-employed persons can access any of Aion services via registering for a monthly membership. There are 2 plan types depending on the level of service a business requires. A free 3 month trial is available for all new members.

Customers can download the mobile app on iOS or Android app stores or visit the website to apply for an account.


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