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Znap Connects UAE’s Customers and Merchants Through Cashback Scheme

Cashback pairs with commerce as the mobile application Znap remains active within the UAE market, garnering benefits for both merchants and consumers. 

The service delivery app pairing commerce with cashback allows its users to cultivate cashback from their orders on the app’s range of products and services.

The app allows users to earn back cash on their purchases with any of their registered merchants of up to 50 per cent. The cash earned is then retained on the application and can be utilised upon the next order. The app’s portfolio currently extends to over 200 different outlets, including food and beverages, veterinary services, fashion brand, car repairs, sports activities, electronic goods and tourist activities.

The merchant list has been curated bearing in mind the preferences and choices of the UAE consumer demographic. Merchants include the likes of Bombay Chowpatty, Kulfilicious, Little Italy, VLCC and Drift Zone.

For example, a ride in a limo around Dubai will garner AED100 (~£19.84) in cashback, whilst an order of Lebanese street food will reward customers with up to AED150 (~£29.76).

Whilst it does bring benefits to the consumer, the app allows those providing the services to learn and interact with the consumers directly who have purchased from them.

The cashback earned is utilised at the same merchant’s hub, thus, leading to a long-lasting, loyal relationship between the customer and the merchant.

Since its launch, the application has welcomed users from all walks of life, both the male and female population who are on the lookout for offers, discounts, and venues, and Znap has reported steady growth in the number of users on the app.

ZNAP Uday Rathod (Image: KT photo/Rahul Gajjar)
Uday Rathod (Image: KT photo/Rahul Gajjar)

“The onset of Covid-19 changed a lot of things for businesses and how they operate,” comments Znap Founder Uday Rathod. “With Covid-19 willingly or unwillingly, we transcended into survival mode, not knowing what the future looks like. People began spending lesser on luxury and more on necessities. and small businesses were the ones that were most affected.

“Znap was ideated with the intent to help and support small businesses (the backbone of any economy) survive. Thus, the launch of our Cashback model which acts as a loyalty platform for smaller businesses to help them retain existing customers, as well attract new customers to their establishment. The drive to survival is more superior than a simple inspiration and has ensured we grow out of our comfort zone, pivot and look at things differently.”


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