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Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) launches English-taught FinTech Master’s program

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is launching a pioneering Master of Finance (FinTech)taught in English.

Located in Zhejiang Province, one of leading FinTech centers in the world and home to Ant Financial, a unit of Alibaba and the world’s largest FinTech company, the master’s degree will act as a platform between China and the rest of the world, providing exclusive access for students to take a holistic view to understand the China FinTech market, and connect with the industry’s leading players.

In addition to core courses in finance, the Master of Finance (FinTech) provides a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and rigorous training in statistics & machine learning, computer skills & applications. It also incorporates elements of entrepreneurship, innovation, regulation, marketing and business strategy that helps students to develop the relevant hard and soft skills they will need for careers in FinTech.

Through lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, case studies and expert sharing from industry practitioners, this program taught by interdisciplinary faculty, will widen and deepen students’ understanding of the rapidly changing landscape and the impact of new technologies on financial market. Lesly Goh, Former CTO of the World Bank and Xiongwen Rui, Vice President of Ant Financial and other leading practitioners have been invited to serve as Professor of Practice.

ZIBS partners with renowned FinTech firms such as Ant Financial to provide students with outstanding internship opportunities and platforms for research in FinTech. Students not only benefit from practical courses and corporate mentors, but also enjoy opportunities for research at the Zhejiang University-Ant Financial Services Center and for career development in China and abroad.


Dr. Ben Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS

Dr. BEN Shenglin, Professor and Dean of Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS), said: “China is a global leader in Fintech and digital economy. The leadership is most pronounced in Yangtze River Delta region, with both Shanghai and Hangzhou ranked among the top global Fintech hubs. Zhejiang University is right at the center of this thriving region and is well-known for our innovation and incubation in Fintech. Our students will join a globally renowned Fintech ecosystem with our distinguished faculty comprising of thought leaders, industry practitioners, policymakers as well as entrepreneurs and investors.”.


Dr. CHEN Hung-Yi, Assistant Professor and Academic Director, Master of Finance (FinTech) at Zhejiang University International Business School, stated: “We’re confident that we will enable students to gain their Chinese experience and have the relevant skillsets to be highly employable in the finance sector, particularly in FinTech field.

The first intake to the Master of Finance (FinTech) is scheduled for September 2020, and the entire program will be taught in English over a two-year period.



Applications for entry in September 2020 are now open and you are encouraged to apply early.

Please click the following link to apply online, “International Business School” and “IMF”)

If you wish to submit your application or have already applied and have questions about your application or application status, please contact Ms. Yingni Lu ([email protected]) and we will aim to get back to you within five working days.


Book a CV review

Book a 30-minute slot via Skype with the Master of Finance Program Director. As well as reviewing your CV, it will provide an opportunity to discuss the fit of your work experience to the program, as well as your future career aspirations. Registrations will be approved via email confirmation. Please contact Ms. Yingni Lu ([email protected]) and we will aim to get back to you within five working days.


How will the program be delivered in the 2020/21 academic year I’m applying for?

If the continuation of COVID-19 impacts the ability for students to learn in the physical environment in the 2020/21 academic year, we will react accordingly, deploying our expertise in virtual learning where necessary.


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