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Who is Behind the ‘Rising Women in Crypto Power List’?

The ‘Women in Crypto’ campaign may be hosted by crypto payments platform Wirex in partnership with The Fintech Times, but behind the scenes, there’s a diverse and passionate group of females running the campaign, with the core goal of inspiring women across the globe to try their hand at crypto.

The idea for the campaign first came from a group of female employees at Wirex. Some of us are new to the crypto and fintech space, and others of us have been working in it for years, but what brings us all together is that we’re passionate about what we do, and like the vision of our CEO, believe that crypto is the future of the economy!

Why is the Power List needed?

Although the team at Wirex is pretty female-heavy, we know that this isn’t representative of much of those using and working in the crypto world. After doing some research into our customers, only 18% of them were actually women, and with a study by Coindance showing that 12% of those working in blockchain are female, we’re still in the minority, and we want to change that!

There are a few reasons for a lack of female presence in crypto, often linked to the fact that few women work in the fintech industry as a whole, or untrue stereotypes that crypto is unsafe or too risky, but there are a million other reasons why women are perfect for the space. It’s a great alternative to traditional currency, since it’s cheaper, faster, and often safer, but also a flourishing and exciting field that everyone should be a part of!

We’ve rounded up a group of women working at Wirex, as well as some of our heroes and inspirations in the crypto and fintech field. Not only do we wish to showcase the incredible community of females that lies at the heart of blockchain, but we are also aiming to debunk gender-related stereotypes associated with working in the industry. We want to get this message across in our ‘Women in Crypto’ campaign through a series of initiatives, kicking off with the ‘Rising Women in Crypto Power List’ that invites nominations from those that have incredible achievements, influence and potential in the crypto community.

There have been a few of these awards kicking about in the past, but this one focuses specifically on crypto women, and aims to showcase a range of women working in and using crypto in a variety of ways, including those that might be the unsung heroes of this space. We hope that giving a platform to recognise some of these incredible women through the Power List, along with some of our own stories, will inspire women around the world to step inside the world of crypto!

What can nominees expect?

It’s only fitting that we picked out some of our champions to make up the judging panel. It was a tough decision; believe us, there are a lot of figures out there already empowering other women to get involved in fintech and blockchain, but we thought the five we chose were great examples of some of this.

One of the biggest supporters of our campaign, and the first selected for our judging panel, was Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer. Not only has she got a ton of experience in the field, but she’s been on the other side of a Power List like this, having been selected as a Fintech Global 50 Influencer herself! Next, George Coxon, someone that we at Wirex have worked closely with – as COO of the Nano Foundation. She’s making waves in the blockchain space and democraticising access to crypto.

Representing the powerful women in APAC, Myrtle Ramos was an obvious choice, working across numerous blockchain-related businesses such as Blocktides as Founder, and she is renowned for empowering women and youths in the space.

Of course, it’s not just women that are encouraging other women to get involved in crypto. Our very own CEO at Wirex, Pavel Matveev, is a renowned spokesperson and activist for encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and using the Wirex platform to empower everyone, including women, to have easy access to crypto in everyday life. The second male chosen is no novice in shining a light on those making a difference – Jason Williams, CEO of The Fintech Times, actually created his own Fintech Power 50 to showcase the most innovative companies and visionaries shaping the fintech industry.

As you can see, we’ve got a pretty exciting lineup of judges that are ready to read every nominee’s inspirational story, and pick out their top 10 women that they think will lead the future of crypto. These women will be profiled and showcased on Wirex and The Fintech Times’ website to millions of people around the globe; just a small token of appreciation for these incredible individuals!

This is your time to shine – entries are open until 30th September, with winners being announced on the 2nd Nov. Fill out this short form to enter now.

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