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Jump On the Opportunity: Why Build a Whatsapp Like App

Whatsapp is an extremely popular messenger, and it is one of the most-used mobile apps on the market, we’re going to look at why you may want to make your own.

Coming up with a successful business opportunity is a matter of fulfilling demand, and it is easy to see what people want by looking at what is successful. If something has worked out for someone else, then you can always expand on it and improve it, but you’ll have to do a good job so that you’re seen as more than just an imitator.

Mobile applications are part of a massive industry that seemed to pop up nearly overnight, and more skilled developers are finding jobs in the field with each passing day. In today’s guide, we’re going to cover some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to build Whatsapp like app, so let’s get right into it.

What is Whatsapp?

The first thing you’ll need to know is what Whatsapp is in the first place, so let’s lay out the groundwork. Whatsapp is a mobile application that is owned by Facebook, and it is essentially a mobile messenger app that operates through the internet, allowing you to save money on your phone bill.

You can send text messages through the internet, make VoIP calls, and quite a bit more using Whatsapp. While this design may sound simple, Whatsapp has the benefit of a user-friendly interface as well as a functional configuration that is typically clear of bugs or other glitches.

Why Build an App like Whatsapp?

Immense Popularity

The most significant reason why you would want to build a Whatsapp like app is due to the incredible degree of popularity possessed by the original. More than half a billion people are using Whatsapp, and that number is steadily rising every day, resulting in a market which is ripe for innovation.

As you can see by the number of people using Whatsapp, there is huge demand for an instant messenger app, and many would argue that Whatsapp has stagnated in its design. If you’re willing to innovate, you can create a messenger app that provides more functionality than Whatsapp.

Ease of Implementing Ads

One of the more challenging aspects of designing a mobile app is considering how you are going to implement advertisements, and a benefit of messenger apps is that this is always simple. The most common type of ad you’ll see on an app like Whatsapp is the banner ad, which is a tried and tested design.

Instead of wasting time figuring out how you’re going to implement ads seamlessly so that they don’t drive off users, you can instead focus on other aspects of your messenger app’s design. Of course, you can also offer premium membership to remove ads, granting you another source of income.


The main reason why you’d want to build a Whatsapp like app is due to the immense number of people who use the original. If you can tap into even a fraction of that market, you’ll have an enormous potential user base.


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