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Webinar Preview: Risk Orchestration With LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Risk management has always been highlighted as a key component to a successful business – however, as risks change and evolve, organisations can often be left vulnerable. Using outdated technology can have disastrous affects on a company, but continuously having to update it can cripple a company’s budget – but what if there was a way to avoid this? Risk orchestration is one possibility.

The days of simple risk management are gone. Fraudsters are becoming smarter and smarter each day, meaning businesses must do so much more to ensure security and compliance.

Amid other problems, such as the rise of faceless banking and the cost of living crisis, a one size fits all approach is no longer viable. Taking care with verification, awareness and technical investment are just some of the things that organisations must prioritise to ensure there are no chinks in their armour.

Simply managing risk is not enough and, as its complexity takes on orchestral heights, businesses must do more. Cue risk orchestration.

Exploring the next evolutionary step in risk management, Francis Bignell of The Fintech Times, sits down with Chris Foye, senior director of platforms at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to fully understand the LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™ risk orchestration platform.

The webinar uncovers why risk orchestration is so impactful, why fintechs are so primed for it and how they can start implementing it.

Other topics of conversation include a discussion of the evolving landscapes in the risk management and cyber security spheres, the opportune time to start considering risk orchestration, how the technology can be used to initially tackle a singular pain point before evolving alongside a company’s growth; amid a variety of other talking points.

Watch the Risk Orchestration Webinar here!

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  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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