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Webinar: LatAm Expansion – Overcoming Hurdles for Payments Growth

The LatAm market is becoming a very attractive market for businesses, but various challenges are creating barriers to entry. In this latest The Fintech Times Webinar, we speak to PayRetailers to learn what businesses can do to overcome these hurdles.

The Latin American market is like no other. Though some similarities can be made to that of the continent of Africa, the expansion for businesses, both within LatAm and overseas, can be extremely challenging.

The digital boom, which was in large parts catalysed due to the pandemic, took the world by storm and the LatAm region was no exception. The fintech market alone, went from being worth less than $50million in 2016, to $2.1billion in 2022.

Such an attractive market has not gone unnoticed by businesses, but expanding into the region presents a variety of challenges. From language barriers, an array of different regulations, and the number of different currencies, there are definitely hurdles to achieving success across LatAm.

PayRetailers is a LatAm fintech payments specialist that understands the complexities and challenges specific to the continent’s markets. It helps simplify B2B e-commerce across the region.

In our webinar, our guest panellists include Jonathan Howse, sales manager at PayRetailers, and Jose Martí, head of sales and account management at PayRetailers. Moderated by Francis Bignell, journalist and lead LatAm correspondent at The Fintech Times, the three of them discuss:

  • Why a business would want to expand internationally
  • What the LatAm landscape look like and why businesses should look to enter LatAm
  • What some of the important factors to consider before expanding into the region are
  • What elements make up a strong expansion strategy
  • What different APMs businesses may encounter in LatAm
  • Why a company should use APMs
  • How PayRetailers can help businesses expand globally
  •  Looking ahead to PayRetailers’ future


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LAtAm expansion PayRetailers


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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