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Webb Fontaine Platform to Significantly Broaden Niger’s Trade Capabilities

The newly-established Niger National Single Window (NNSW) platform is set to reinforce positive foreign trade, increase the West African nation’s revenues and improve the speed and efficiency of trade.

NNSW is capable of incorporating multiple processes related to the operation of trade and customs involving governmental and private organisations.

The launch will enable traders in Niger to electronically connect with multiple governmental and non-governmental agencies involved in international trade to obtain the necessary licences, permits, certificates, and other trade documents required for international trade.

The platform provides a contactless, cashless and paperless trade ecosystem reducing the time and cost of doing business for Niger traders and empowering them to compete globally.

Developed by Webb Fontaine and the Niger Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the platform’s launch was marked through a ceremony held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Niger.

The event took place in the presence of Yayé Djibo, representing the office of the President of the Republic of Niger, colonel Diori Hamani from the General Directorate of Customs and Ousmane Mahaman, secretary general of the chamber of commerce and industry of Niger (CCIN).

Powered by Webb Fontaine’s technology, the development of the NNSW platform started in 2021 and is now operational with its first preclearance module.

Samy Zayani, chief commercial officer at Webb Fontaine
Samy Zayani

“We are honoured to be the official technology partner of Niger, working in close collaboration with the Government to implement the Single Window for Trade,” said Samy Zayani, chief commercial officer at Webb Fontaine.

“Webb Fontaine’s latest technologies will help transform Niger’s trade environment, modernising and streamlining all trade processes, while increasing trust amongst stakeholders,” Zayani continues.

The platform offers a single point of entry for all import, export, and transit operations in Niger, allowing the trade community to carry out clearance processes online.

“It is Webb Fontaine’s goal and mission to assist and train the trade community in using the new NNSW platform, and will soon open an internet centre to further power the adoption of the new platform,” added Ali Karim Alio, managing director of Webb Fontaine.

“With great pride, we will continue to work with the Niger government to improve the country’s business climate using cutting-edge trade technology.”

Mahaman concludes with: “The Niger National Single Window is a much-awaited upgrade that will strengthen Niger’s position as a trading partner and also bolster its international trade.

“The dematerialisation of trade procedures has become even more important in the post-covid world as the pandemic has highlighted that the supply and logistics chains can bear the brunt of a global crisis and create a newer crisis in its wake.

“It is crucial for Niger to work in tandem with other economies and grow its trade, the development of NNSW platform marks an important milestone for.”


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