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Want a New Fintech Job in 2023? Start Looking Now

December isn’t all Christmas parties, carols and Hallmark movies – especially not for those who are looking to make career strides in 2023.

In fact, those who are serious about securing their next role know that fintech job hunting at this time of year can yield great results.

So why should you start looking now?

Budgets and expectations are set

December is a funny month. While on one hand workers seem to take their foot off the pedal and go into coasting mode, on the other, senior management and company owners are setting budgets and goals for 2023. This means they already know what roles need to be filled.

While interviewing may not start until January, very often hiring managers know what skill set and workers they need to find come the new year. They start working on job descriptions and reaching out to recruiters now. This means it’s an ideal time to email on spec or start speaking to recruiters so you’re top of mind for new roles come the new year.

There’s less competition

Fintech can be a competitive space, especially for those with niche skills. This means making connections and embracing soft skills can often push candidates ahead of the competition. Job hunting in December can take the pressure off; by the nature of the time of year, there are less candidates. Most people leave time-consuming tasks like updating a CV, reaching out to recruiters and researching the industry until the new year. Don’t be like most people: get a head start on the competition.

There are more networking opportunities

From office parties to award ceremonies and end-of-year get-togethers, December is a social month. This means it provides ample opportunities for networking. If you know you want a new role in the new year but want to find the perfect one, then dig out your party shoes and get mingling.

Hiring managers will have insider knowledge on what roles are coming up, while colleagues and former teammates can often tell you office gossip that will put you ahead of the competition when it comes to interviews. Take full advantage of the festivities to find your perfect role.

January jobs are advertised now

For hiring managers under pressure to fill a role, they’ll advertise and interview now with a view to a new hire starting in early January. Job boards should be your first port of call.

There are plenty of opportunities at leading companies, including leadership roles at MoonPay, OpenSea and MoneyGram. Serious candidates browse job boards, find companies that are hiring and use this time to tailor CVs and cover letters. Browse all available roles on The Fintech Times Job Board.

Senior roles open up

As we come to the end of the year, projects wrap up and the end of year bonus has been paid. People are now happy to leave a role and go work elsewhere. This opens up senior jobs that are harder to find throughout the rest of the year.

Very often when people leave a role in December, it’s because they’ve seen through a contract or a project, and are looking for a new opportunity. It’s a very different reason to those who quit mid-summer or early autumn. This means that savvy job hunters looking to level up should keep an eye on their dream employers for vacancies. This is in addition to social media accounts of those management teams too, in order to spot “moving on” news.

You have time to research

Your own workload will more than likely start to ease up this month. This means you have time to research and plan. What role do you want to move to next? Do you want to step up or would a sideways, strategic move better play to your career goals? What skill sets do you have that are in demand – and are any of your dream employers currently hiring?

December can be frantic for lots of reasons. There are pockets of stillness that savvy job hunters use to their advantage. You should also have time to prepare your CV, work on a killer cover letter and to go through your career objectives with recruiters.

This is also the perfect time of year to investigate industries and companies that you’re interested in working for. End-of-year profits have been posted, plans for 2023 may have been announced, and the train is leaving the station in terms of projects.

Now that you know why December is a good time to job hunt, the how is up to you. Find out what companies are hiring and for what roles by visiting the Fintech Times Job Board


  • Aisling O'Toole is a journalist who over the past 15 years has edited some of Ireland's leading publications, contributed regularly to TV and radio and occasionally the odd podcast.

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