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Is Europe Ready for WanChain’s New Blockchain Accelerator Tour?  

The London leg of WanChain’s European tour did not disappoint avid followers of Fintech.  The event was a teaser of the innovative types of start-ups that ambitious WanChain founder Jack Lu has added to his growing network. Besides The event itself was a fluid exchange of ideas from a diverse range of start-ups, with entrepreneurs flying in from all over the globe to connect with a London audience. The buzzwords of the night being ICOs, cross-chain technology, financial inclusion, and tokenisation.  Besides that, the topical discussions proved an interesting conversation starter about the challenges surrounding ICOs for businesses as well as investors.

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Wanchain Mainnet 2.0 project launch promises to solve the key issues surrounding managing assets by ‘connecting the world’s digital assets’ through their cross-chain technology.  Jack Lu, the founder of WanChain who initiated the event, has high hopes for his ecosystem of over 6000 partners. His vision to be the ‘first and only’ platform with cross-chain capabilities has enticed ambitious projects into the WanLabs incubator and accelerator program for fintech startups; looking to capture a share of this evolving space. After an initial introduction to the world of Wanchain we heard from the various projects with Oxcert, Intellos, and Cryptocurve among others sharing their visions.  These hopeful entrepreneurs promise solutions to financial exclusion, algorithmic trading, and even asset management.

We are excited to hear more from these projects and the transformative technology that could further alter the fintech landscape

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