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Verimi and Signicat Partner to Deliver Verified Digital Identity Solution

Identification platform Verimi and digital identity solutions provider Signicat have today announced a partnership which delivers a better multi-factor identification and authentication solution across Europe.

The agreement, signed today, includes the integration of Verimi’s identification platform into Signicat’s Digital Identity Hub.

Verimi is the leading ID provider in Germany and was selected by Signicat after intensive testing as a strategic ID Partner for its entry into the German market. Signicat’s Digital Identity Hub allows customers to connect once, then digitally onboard and authenticate their clients in a verified, compliant manner. The partnership means that Signicat customers can add Germany to the list of markets where they can digitally onboard customers.

The agreement enables Verimi to attract more international partners via their network and means that it will be an ID provider for Signicat’s services in Germany. Signicat will integrate Verimi services into their digital identity hub so that new and existing clients can use its identification and authentication methods. Overall, the partnership ensures that secure and effective digital on-boarding, identity verification services, and regulatory compliance offerings can be provided in an interoperable manner across Europe.

The partnership means that Signicat customers can add Germany to the list of markets where they can digitally onboard customers.

Signicat and Verimi will together provide regulated businesses with verified digital identity solutions. Verified digital identities are increasingly important to many industries, in particular for banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, and public services.

Gunnar Nordseth, CEO of Signicat, said: “Germany is rapidly becoming a digital-first nation and our partnership with Verimi means we can offer our international clients an excellent identity verification and authentication method to attract and retain new customers. Verimi’s exciting offering is opening new doors for us in Germany and we look forward to working together with them.”

“Verimi starts to gain a foothold in the European market for digital identities and Signicat is the ideal partner for Verimi to attract even more new clients in Europe. We are happy to enter into a partnership with Signicat and become the ID Provider of choice in Germany“, said Roland Adrian.


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