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Veriff Launches Barcode Reading Feature in US and Canada

Identity verification company Veriff has launched new technology that can read barcode information from an identity document. Automatic barcode scanner helps to fight fraud and speed up the verification process. The company currently supports barcode scans on US and Canadian documents but plans to expand to other countries and document types using barcodes.

Janer Gorohhov, the co-founder and COO of Veriff, said: “Our usability research revealed that people are not used to scanning barcodes. This is why the process needed a series of UI improvements so that people could verify themselves with no friction.”

A barcode is a short machine-readable set of data that is a standard feature on the backside of all United States and Canadian driver’s licenses, which is the most commonly used ID document in these countries. The barcode has a person’s document data encoded within it, including the name, address, document validity date, document number, gender, height, eye colour, etc. As the barcode is exceptionally dense, it requires a very high-quality picture to extract the data.

The new barcode scanner enables Veriff to extract the document data automatically, making the process efficient and accurate. It is also a secure way to catch instances of document tampering. The removal of the barcode from regular document back pictures is a challenge, especially from images captured on a desktop or laptop computers during the verification process.

Veriff has added to its mobile web verification flows a specific step to scan the barcode on applicable documents.

“Currently, the barcode scanning feature is available on our web interface, and soon will be expanded to mobile SDKs. We determined that the best solution was to scan the barcode from a live video input of the device camera straight to the phone. With this approach, we have access to the highest quality input without any quality degradation,” Gorohhov added.

Veriff is a global tech company building an AI-driven verification platform. Veriff technology makes sure that a person is who they claim to be with the help of artificial intelligence. Founded in 2015 by Kaarel Kotkas, it serves a global portfolio of internet businesses, including fintech companies, sharing economy providers, and marketplaces in the USA, Europe, and other places in the world. Veriff employs over 230 people in Estonia and the USA.

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