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Urban FT Launches Industry’s First ‘Fintech Core’ to Centralize Fintech Infrastructure Into One Tech-Hub

Backend technology provider Urban FT announced the launch of the X-35 FinTech Core.™  Described as “An API-first, developer-friendly, and cloud-based technology hub that sits alongside of, and is connected to, a Financial Institutions existing Banking Core or Payment Processor.”

The company designed the new platform to enable financial institutions and payments platforms of all sizes, to create and deploy custom products based on the needs of their customers. X-35 is agnostic by design and gives companies the means to consolidate and centralize multiple fintech solutions into a single platform while being accessible as part of one vendor relationship that’s governed by one contractual relationship.

Quote from a head of product —

It’s been designed to empower any FI, regardless of size or type, to rapidly and frequently create and deploy truly innovative, user-driven products that speak to their customers’ ever-evolving needs seamlessly, and without the prohibitive expenses they previously faced.

“As small to mid-sized financial institutions look to regain their share of the Banking and Payments market, they know that it ultimately comes down to leveraging their connection to their communities by supporting them with innovative product and service offerings. These FIs needn’t limit themselves to just catching up to their competition, but rather they need to look at ways they can leapfrog the competition entirely,” said Richard Steggall, CEO, Urban FT. “We founded Urban FT with the vision of giving our clients the means to dream big and deliver exceptional, and that’s exactly what X-35 does. This approach of delivering a FinTech infrastructure natively, like an Amazon Web Services for FIs, means FIs benefit from the continuous efforts of our R&D Team. FIs can digitize nearly every interaction they have with their customers while significantly compressing the number of implementations, systems, and platforms they need to outpace the competition.”

The X-35 FinTech Core delivers a suite of native products and tools that give FIs an immediate and solid foundation to start developing their future product offerings. These native services can be accessed as an API, an SDK, or a full end-to-end digital customer experience for clients that need an ‘out of the box’ solution that requires minimal capital expense and provides maximum speed to market. This means clients will always be on the cutting-edge when it comes to providing their end-users with superior digital banking, account opening, money movement, behavioral insights, and card portfolio products, all of which enhance overall user engagement.

“Many FIs have come together and tried to build what Urban FT has through consortiums and open banking rails. However, they’ve lacked the underlying infrastructure to make it happen,” said Aditya Menon, Urban FT board member, a pioneer in the digital banking space and a former Managing Director at Citibank. “X-35’s cloud-based and serverless microservice architecture delivers FIs continuous product innovation, seamless technology updates, and significant operational and economic efficiencies, all from a robust and scalable environment that was built to exceed industry and regulatory best practices, which is where a lot of “Fintegration” fails. It makes the ‘impossible’ possible by providing both the foundation and the plumbing that realize the vision that many have tried but few have been able to deliver on.”

Urban FT is revolutionizing the client-vendor relationship, without decade long contracts, steep financial strongholds, inflexible solutions, or ‘policy-oriented’ customer service. Urban FT’s X-35 FinTech Core™ offers:

  • One contract.
  • One invoice.
  • One point of contact.
  • One login.
  • One platform.
  • One look and feel across the board for easier use, management, and optimization.
  • And, human-to-human white-glove service without the pretense.

“Financial Institutions, bank or non-bank, no matter the size, deserve an equal opportunity when it comes to delivering innovative user-driven experiences that speak directly to our customers’ needs,” said Greg Larson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Drake Bank.  “Urban FT’s X-35 FinTech Core levels the playing field for smaller FIs like Drake Bank because it not only works alongside, but complements, our existing infrastructure and processing technology, and allows us to consolidate our solutions together under one unified platform, enabling real innovation between us and our customers in ways and speeds we’ve never before been able to access.”

For a full list of products delivered through the X-35 FinTech Core, click here.


  • Managing Editor, North America at The Fintech Times

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