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tokensFidelity House is a social content building and aggregation platform built on Ethereum blockchain. The users can update their interests, meet people with similar interests, publish content, and earn on viewing the content. The author of the original content will be paid based on the number of visits on the page.

The currency used as a mode of payment and rewards is called FidelityHouse Coin, an ERC 20 token. The team is based in Switzerland and has an impressive track record in content creation and social networking. The project can have a good commercial use case with an idea of trustworthy and transparent crowdsourcing journalism which the company has in mind. However, the project will face competition as it is not the only decentralised content generating platform and there are competitors that are leveraging AI technologies to strengthen their user engagement.



Lynked.World look to overcome the trust barrier in digital data and document exchange. Lynked.World is tokenscoming up with a multi-faceted blockchain platform which will allow businesses and users to build custom applications and forms based on their business or other contract requirements. The platform is built on Ethereum with smart contracts assisting in the execution of the deals. Users will have control of their Lynked.World digital wallets to store their identification details and other documents. This project has vast potential use cases. The team is based in India and has set a very realistic target of the hard and soft caps to develop such projects. The soft cap is set at $5 million and hard cap at $25 million. The white paper makes every detail about the project, from roadmap to technicals, very clear.



tokensFootball has become the most followed sport on the planet, evidence proven by the viewership of The 2018 World Cup. Some of the most successful players today have grown up from an underprivileged background.

Bitacademy Football wants to change this by making the sport better funded with the help of blockchain technology and decentralise the management and development of the sport. This funding will be happening with the help of various cryptocurrencies and the Ethereum blockchain will help secure and execute the transactions.

The building blocks of this project include a Football Academy, a marketplace for investors who are willing to invest and hold rights for new individual players, and data analysis of the players using the microtechnology to enhance their development and progress. The project fulfils the FIFA standards with their projects and this adds legitimacy to the Estonia based company. The company has applied blockchain technology to raise the crowdfunding round. Although, the use of blockchain technology still remains a matter of concern considering only the crowdfunding aspect, the transparent and immutable database of the players adds value to the use-case. The team has come up with an interesting idea which can be followed with other sports.



tokensLooking at the influence whales have on the market, the traders are constantly following their activities to follow their trades for short-term profits. The trading volumes have plummeted since the start of 2018 and have not shown any improvement. Spiking aims to add more traders with their Certified Smart Trader (CST) Program where whales will be helping new traders to learn about investing and trading in cryptocurrencies.

The smart contracts will also allow traders to mimic the trading activities of the whales and control their own accounts directly. For new traders, Spiking has also developed an AI-driven bot called Robobull. Robobull is an intelligent portfolio manager which creates a portfolio of different whales for traders based on their risk-to-reward ratio. The Cayman Islands-based team aims to build a universal protocol which is self-sustaining and self-regulating. The team is very well experienced and diversified to make the idea of this project successful at all ends. The platform is transparent, secure, uploads verified whale data and reward-based for both traders as well as the whales. Spiking can help fill the market void and the reduction in trading volumes the market has seen. The project has the potential to grow and boost the entire cryptocurrency markets if it becomes successful.



tokensEncrybit provides a powerful set of solutions for cryptocurrency traders. Its social trading feature allows traders to share trades and ideas within a trading community. Encrybit has employed an order matching algorithm on its Ethereum based platform. The team is well experienced with a very diversified set of professionals from all over the world. The team started this project by surveying more than 12,000 traders from 167 countries to better understand the dynamics and shortcomings of the cryptocurrency market.

These shortcomings were predominantly regarding the security, high trading fees, and liquidity. The Hong Kong-based project aims to build an ideal environment for traders with professional Technical Analysis features, market analytics, researches, and social feeds. The pre-ico is in December 2018 and the crowd sale will begin in February 2018. The project’s idea has gained appreciable popularity on social media platforms. The team aims to raise $32.5 million to implement this project on a large scale. The project is restricted in the United States, China and Canada. The project can act as an interesting solution to the crypto traders and investors can look forward to this project to generate returns in the long-term.


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