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UniTeller: Pioneering the Future of Cross-Border Payments

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the cross-border payments sector has undergone a remarkable digital transformation, marked by groundbreaking innovations. Yet, challenges persist for both businesses and individuals, from cost and transparency issues to the need for real-time options and robust transaction repair mechanisms.

In this dynamic landscape, financial institutions and corporations grapple with compliance, security, and operational efficiency concerns, navigating varying regulatory prerequisites across jurisdictions and countries.

UniTeller has emerged as an industry leader in enabling seamless movement of funds across international borders. With a global network spanning over 200,000 payment points and 4,200 banks and mobile wallets worldwide, UniTeller addresses the unique needs of its diverse clientele, providing comprehensive payment processing solutions that prioritise efficiency and security in every transaction.

Empowering global transactions

UniTeller’s vision positions the company as the primary provider of cross-border processing services, introducing a unique Product Suite designed to redefine cross-border payments.

UnitellerUniTeller Digital Link: Redefining remittances as a service

UniTeller’s industry-leading ‘remittance as a service’ platform, UniTeller Digital Link, equips businesses with flexible, end-to-end cross-border payment processing services. This platform, encompassing Full Turnkey White-Label solutions and API integrations, operates within a best-in-class compliance and licensing framework, enabling enterprises to conduct real-time cross-border payments without interruption.

UniTeller Cross-Border Send: Simplified real-time payments

UniTeller Cross-Border Send provides businesses with unprecedented access to real-time payments. A single API grants instant access to a diverse array of payment options – P2P, B2C, C2B, and even B2B – along with one of the most competitive payment networks spanning over 200,000 cash pick-up locations and 4,200 banks and mobile wallets across 100-plus countries.

By leveraging UniTeller’s simplified API, integration times are drastically reduced, and hidden costs are eliminated, simplifying the process with remarkable transparency. Businesses benefit from a seamless payment experience, complete with AML checks, transaction screening, distribution networks, and FX conversions.

UniTeller Cross-Border Pay: Elevating cross-border payment dynamics

UniTeller Cross-Border Pay empowers payer institutions with unique access to multiple transaction providers and networks through one single API integration. Payer institutions gain access to a network of money transfer operators (MTOs), corporations, banks, and retailers, driving cross-border transaction growth.

UniTeller Business Payments: Redefining commercial transactions

With the global B2B payments landscape projected to reach an impressive $54 trillion in 2023, the need for efficiency, reliability, and security has never been more paramount. UniTeller’s International Business Payments Solutions offer a seamless avenue for transaction management, enabling enterprises to effortlessly process real-time, low-value payments to over 50 countries.

With a robust payment gateway API and digital solutions, UniTeller facilitates streamlined cross-border payments for B2C, B2B, and C2B transactions. Join us in embracing the future of cross-border payments—an era defined by efficiency, reliability, and security. Explore the comprehensive suite of UniTeller’s services and solutions at https://uniteller.com/.



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