UK EdTech companies turn to SyndicateRoom for international growth

EdTech companies turn to SyndicateRoom for growth capital, Gooseberry Planet and Dem Dx seek £750K via the platform.

Online investment platform SyndicateRoom today announces that two EdTech companies, Gooseberry Planet and Dem Dx, are seeking funds through its network of investor members. EdTech has been cited the fastest-growing sector in the UK this month, after British EdTech companies received more VC and angel funding (£178m) than any other European country*.

Gooseberry Planet is a software platform which aims to change the way that online safety is taught in schools. By adopting a three-pronged approach incorporating students, teachers and parents, the app includes lesson plans, teaching resources and evaluation tools. While its main focus is on primary schools in the UK, the company is expanding internationally, with users in France, Romania, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Gooseberry Planet is looking to raise £300k to support growth plans. “The Internet has radically changed our world, increasingly raising questions about how we can protect children from unsuitable content and from those who are not what they seem,” explained Stella James, CEO and Founder, Gooseberry Planet. “In fact, 63 per cent of 13–18-year-olds have been asked for a sexual image whilst online. With Gooseberry Planet, we’ve created a fun way to present internet safety to children. Parents and teachers are able to get involved by discussing issues and monitoring reactions to situations.”

Dem Dx has created a learning tool which helps medical staff, from students to qualified physicians, make better and faster diagnoses. With 20,000 downloads to date, the diagnostics app is already being used across 126 countries. Dem Dx is seeking £450K in order to further develop its product and expand its international presence.

“Misdiagnoses are incredibly costly; not only can lives be lost, but also time and money,” explained Lorin Gresser, CEO, Dem Dx. “As I was going through medical school, I faced challenges using traditional textbook methods and realised that technology had the power to significantly transform and improve my learning experience. By incorporating videos, sounds and images into the app, we’re bringing education to life for students and institutions across the globe. By harnessing data, we’re also able to put emphasis on conditions which are prevalent in different geographies. This results in a faster, more accurate diagnosis for patients.”

“The EdTech sector is anticipated to reach £3.4 billion by 2021, while companies operating in this market are expected to grow by 29 per cent per year, over the next couple of years,” commented Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, CEO and Co-founder, SyndicateRoom. “For the UK’s most ambitious investors, it’s clear that this is an exciting space to watch. We look forward to welcoming more entrepreneurs doing great things in EdTech onto SyndicateRoom’s platform over the coming months.”

“Technology is rapidly changing before our eyes, which smaller companies are taking advantage of by innovating more quickly than larger firms,” commented Simon Calver, entrepreneur and investor. “However, the EdTech sector is still dominated by larger companies which may prevent smaller firms from succeeding – unless investors recognise their potential.” To hear Simon Calver’s presentation on the future of learning in collaboration with EdTech Lab at Imperial College, visit SyndicateRoom’s blog.

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*According to London EdTech Week Co-founder and IBIS Capital Partner, Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet.



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