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UgetNada Launches New Industry-Leading ‘Pay Now, Get Later’ Solution

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Groundbreaking fintech company unveils first-of-its-kind payments product to the global market.

World-leading fintech company UgetNada has announced today, Friday 1 April, the launch of its new introductory product – pay now, get later (PNGL).

This first-of-its-kind solution is a game-changer for the industry, allowing consumers to purchase goods in real-time, and receive them when the merchant decides.

“We’re giving the power back to the businesses, letting them choose what they sell and when they sell it,” said UgetNada CEO, Strawberry Creditcard-Smith. “Personalisation has become a big buzzword in the fintech sphere but it’s not fair on businesses that have to adjust to every customer’s demands. It’s time customers respected the hard work companies are putting into their products and this is the best way to show their appreciation.”

The solution – tipped to sweep the board at this year’s F1nt3ch 5050 Awards – is already being used by online merchants, including The Nile, eBeach and MoneyMarket4Eva. UgetNada also empowers non-financial organisations to launch their own branded PNGL wallets for seamless money transfers between their customers in breakneck speeds never seen before by the human eye.

PNGL in action

Property building firm Homelessway has utilised the service to offer homebuyers preparing to get on the property ladder the option to pay in full for new homes on lands earmarked for development in 2055. A world-class data security system is in operation at Homelessway to record consumers’ journeys on floppy disks. Its use of historic technology has been described as ‘a stroke of genius’ with fraudsters hampered in their abilities to extract information, should they intercept the carrier pigeons delivering the disks between consumer and company.

“The internet is a dangerous place, so we decided to withhold our consumer data from it. Through our innovative partnership with UgetNada, we have reverted to older, more proven ways of communicating, inspired by our ancestors,” said Homelessway CMO, Homer Less. “We believe carrier pigeons are the future as the internet and data silos continue to be corrupted by bad actors.”

Industry analyst Sally Rentaquote from advisory firm Payments Winhandsdown comments: “This is an amazing move by UgetNada. The concept of pay now, get later is revolutionary and will make a huge difference to the company’s EBITDA this financial year. We expect UgetNada to leapfrog ahead of the competition, increase margins, drive growth and triple its headcount in the next 12 months, with new offices in leading financial hubs globally.”

UgetNada was originally founded in 1969 by financial gurus and industry experts David Spendalot and Dame Margaret Izbroke after their own encounters with frustrating payment experiences. PNGL is their first product to launch to market with over 50 years in the making to ensure it is a proven and mature solution.

Future plans

UgetNada has also unveiled plans to cut down one tree for every pound it earns from customers and will use its expected capital stockpile to build new offices on the open land. It will also scale its operations with investments in upgrading its PNGL technology platform, enhancing its product suite, expanding its team with unpaid interns and introducing new acronyms.

The company’s PNGL solution will launch to the public in every country on 20 April. Pay now, get later is unregulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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