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Tyme and PopID Personalise Restaurant Experience With Biometric Self Order Kiosks

Restaurant ordering platform Tyme and biometric fintech company PopID have partnered to improve customers’ ordering experiences and payment journeys. 

PopID, part of retail technology holding company The Cali Group, is integrating its face verification platform, PopPay, into Tyme self-checkout kiosks. Consumers can use face verification to check in and receive personalised order recommendations, using the platform.

The integration of PopPay also enables restaurant customers to pay on Tyme kiosks. This update is paired with the kiosk’s ability to accept traditional forms of payment to enhance the customer experience – offering greater flexibility when ordering and paying.

Omar Boukottaya, co-founder and COO of Tyme, commented:  “With the partnership and our tech integration, our kiosk now accepts payment either with a traditional card swipe using a card reader or simply by opting to pay with PopPay via a simple face scan.

“We are able to offer this personalised and revolutionary seamless customer experience through a simple software update. Biometric check-in and check-out features can increase ticket size, speed, and loyalty engagement of restaurant operators. Together, we are taking the restaurant ordering customer journey to new heights.”

‘Check in’ to biometric-led customer service

While biometrics have typically been associated with airport security across the globe in recent history, the integration further represents the growing rate of adoption of biometrics in everyday life. PopID has already had a hand in the spread of biometric payment options in shopping centres and restaurants alike.

Customers that choose to enrol in the service can ‘check in’ to eligible venues using a face scan, thereafter. Following check-in, the customer can see their favourite orders from that specific restaurant – including their most frequent modifications and add-ons.

Many restaurants worldwide have already adopted self-order kiosks, although the introduction of biometrics into the space could drastically increase personalisation.

Days of waving down a waiter and signalling for the bill may soon also be long gone. Following PopID biometric implementation into Tyme kiosks, after a customer finishes their meal, they can check out at a kiosk. The machine scans their face again and recognises the payment information linked to their account, allowing much faster payment, further easing the customer payment journey.

John Miller, CEO of PopID and Cali Group, commented on the benefits the integration brings to Tyme kiosks. Miller said: “Rising labour costs have resulted in restaurant operators across America adopting Tyme self-ordering kiosks.

“Similar to the role that biometrics play in airport entry and plane boarding, PopPay Check-In and PopPay Check-Out can make restaurant kiosk ordering and payment go from minutes to seconds.”


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