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TotallyMoney and Zuto on the Road to More Accurate Car Finance

TotallyMoney is on the road to integrating its API with Zuto; a turn that will allow it to provide customers with a broader range of more personalised car financing options.

By integrating its API in this way, TotallyMoney hopes the move will allow its customer base – which boasts a headcount of in excess of 4 million people – to harness their financial data to their advantage, so they can accelerate towards their financial goals

The integration will garner a personalised pre-approved scoring experience that will offer guaranteed rates, meaning customers can be certain of the rate at which they’ll borrow and how much they’ll need to repay

This comes at a time when a shortage in supply of new vehicles has driven up the price of used cars by 17% in 2021. TotallyMoney research shows that its customers are almost three times more likely to be accepted for car finance than a personal loan, meaning integrations such as this help lower the barrier to car ownership.

Driving Change

Typically, when credit products display a representative APR, it means 51% of people would be eligible for that rate or lower. It is a calculated rate, not a personalised rate, and because of this, the other 49% may receive a higher rate.

TotallyMoney’s API integration with Zuto offers customers personalised quotes, aiding the process with a higher level of transparency. Its customers will be shown guaranteed rates prior to application so they know what they’re getting before they apply.

In addition to this, customers are three times more likely to see a car finance offer than one for a personal loan, lowering the barrier to car ownership. This comes at a key time, as many are still feeling the impact of the pandemic, with an increase in the cost of living and spiralling second-hand car prices.

Unlocking Better Car Buying Experiences

Customers will be provided with end-to-end support throughout the car-buying journey. This starts with being able to harness the power of their own data through TotallyMoney, to find their best financing options via the API integration with Zuto.

Furthermore, Zuto helps to manage the conversations with the dealer, and run vehicle history and valuation checks to make sure customers are getting a good deal.

Customers can also use the TotallyMoney car insurance service to search for their best offers, without impacting their credit score.

All this can be done without needing to visit a dealership.

Commenting on the integration, Lucy Sherliker of Zuto says: “Zuto is a customer-first, technology-focused company. Providing more transparency for customers via pre-approvals and real rates is something we are very passionate about and aligns with our aim to transform the car finance experience with simplicity and integrity. We’re really happy to be working with TotallyMoney to offer this.”

Qin Su, Commercial Director, TotallyMoney
Qin Su, Commercial Director, TotallyMoney

Qin Su, Commercial Director at TotallyMoney added: “Our integration with car financing specialists, Zuto, has come at a critical time as the market sees a shortage in stock, increased pricing and a growing desire for mobility.

“Our values are closely aligned to those of Zuto and integrating them via an API means that customers know how much they can access, and the rate they’ll pay, before applying.

“We are putting power back in the hands of the people by arming them with the right information, at the right time, to make the best decisions for their financial lives

“TotallyMoney’s app helps people move their finances forward. Our latest API integration is one of the many ways we’re working to help them reach that destination.”


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