Top events to attend at London Fintech Week 2017

From hackathons to conferences to fintech-focussed parties, London Fintech Week seems to have it all.  With the question of ‘The Brexit Effect’ looming over the Fintech sector next week is sure to be filled with action-packed events with key influencers on hand in attempt to provide some clarity on the future of Fintech for the UK.

Starting on Friday July 7th, the week has pulled together more than 3000 participants from over 50 countries. With the aim to educate, inspire and attempt to build on the success of one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. The past few years has seen the London claim its spot as a key player in financial innovation and London Fintech Week will no doubt seek to further this success.

Check out the top events OFF3R have chosen to attend at London Fintech Week 2017:

  1. The Future of Money: What’s Just Beyond The Horizon?

With the rise of digital currencies and electronic banking, leaders in the industry are coming together in this London Fintech Week talk to discuss their thoughts on how they believe we’ll be using money in the near future. From the CEO of (EOS), Brendan Blomer, to the head of digital at HSBC, Raman Bhatia, their insights into currency volatility, the rise of mobile banking and the demise of cash in our pockets is likely to be second-to-none.

  1. Hack the Block

London Fintech week is planning the world’s largest blockchain hackathon to-date. The main challenge will be to come up with a unique Blockchain ICO (initial coin offering). Based on originality, use of technology and its feasibility of being put into action, the winners could be rewarded with their concept taken to live and the formation of a new company from support of event sponsors.

  1. Brexit Bull or Bear? Challenges & Opportunities Panel

It’s no surprise that London Fintech Week is dedicating a panel to Brexit. Whilst the past year has kept many Londoners in denial that Brexit will ever happen, it seems most of us have now accepted that it’s on track, and well underway. However, questions are still being asked over how the UK, and in particularly the London financial sector are going to sit within Europe following the shift. The speakers on this panel include the CEO from DueDil, Damian Kimmelman and CEO of FINTECH Circle Innovate, Nicole Anderson, who will provide their views on how they think London will come out the other side of Brexit negotiations.

  1. The State of Play of UK Financial Services in a Changing Global Environment

The growth of the UK Fintech industry has been prominent over the course of the past few years, however, with the ever-changing economic climate across the world, questions have arisen over the future of how the UK Financial Services will sit globally in the coming years. This London Fintech Week event sees a discussion over whether this is just the start of new opportunities for the sector, or whether the UK financial services industry could be in jeopardy.

  1. Regulatory Sandbox Panel

Following the Call for Input in 2016, the panel at this London Fintech Week event will express their views on the changes to regulatory reporting. They have also promised to give an update on the status of the Industry Sandbox and how it will allow for certain innovative solutions in the Fintech sector to be tested on-market in an attempt to reduce regulatory uncertainty surrounding innovative business models and technology.[1]

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Lily Bridgwood, OFF3R


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