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Top 10 ICOs to Watch: #4 SingularityNET

Hanson Robitics’s human-robot Sophia has created a lot of buzz in the past 2 years. The company’s Chief Scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel and CEO Dr. David Hanson have teamed up and founded SingularityNET.

SingularityNET is a decentralised marketplace for AI. Raising $36 million through ICO took a matter of minutes. Starting the platform as an AI-as-a-Service marketplace, the team plans to develop the platform into a completely self-organising AI network primarily using resources from the OpenCog Foundation.

In this open marketplace, AI developers can exchange their tools and services for SingularityNET’s AGI token or for barter exchange of other tools/services. The platform uses smart contracts executed by Agents to facilitate other types of services such as matchmaking the favourable combination of exchanges and voting for governance events.

SingularityNET is a decentralised marketplace for AI. Raising $36 million through ICO took a matter of minutes

SingularityNET has also forged many partnerships with other blockchain companies. This includes their arch-rivals DeepBrainChain and international bodies such as Malta Government. The team consists of 50 members including more than 10 PhD scientists.

In early 2018, the team released the alpha version of the platform. The release date of the beta version is still unknown. Given the track record of the well-experienced team with the vision of merging the two most captivating technologies of the future, the project has an immense potential.

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