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Top 10 ICOs to Watch: #3 Vibe

VIBE is looking to enhance the public concert experience with the help of Augmented and Virtual Reality. The project uses Volumetric videos technology for “holoportation,” to project holograms of people from all fields including music, art, education and sports, etc.

It was initially used as a gig-booking platform between musicians and event organisers. The potential of VR is growing in the entertainment and gaming industry and VIBE has discovered an untapped niche to use it with blockchain. Although the company hasn’t perfectly seized the market, the platform is in serious competition with Cappasity, BlockV, Decentraland and Matryx.

Vibe is looking to enhance the public concert experience with the help of Augmented and Virtual Reality

The platform is currently focused on concerts and wants its customers to have the lifelike experience of public concerts from anywhere in the world. Users can simply put on the VR headset, start the app, pay VIBE tokens and enjoy the concert.

The platform has partnered with PlayStation (PS4), Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus and Samsung and captured their first volumetric performance in 2017.The platform will also be hosting live VR performances integrating its off-chain solution for micro-transactions using the VIBE currency.

The company will soon launch its AR (Augmented Reality) platform which users can access without a VR or AR device, in a less immersive experience through modern browsers and increase participation. VIBE definitely is a solid project with a sound team. The team is working hard to accomplish the milestones of its roadmap. The investors will start to register noteworthy returns on their investments.


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