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Tokyo-Native STO Accelerator TECHFUND Prepares To Enter the European Market

With outposts in both Singapore and Tokyo, the Japanese startup accelerator TECHFUND continues to expand its market footprint having established an additional foothold in Europe.

The Tokyo-native accelerator has previously worked with blockchain and token-related startups primarily within the Asian market.

TECHFUND seeks to act as an arranger and accelerating partner through the process of fundraising through security token offerings (STO) such as structuring STO schemes, creating equity stories and pitch decks, marketing investors to token buyers and closing deals.

An STO is an asset-backed security token that represents the digital ownership of assets or sometimes economic rights, with examples including but not limited to gold, real estate, or a share in profits or revenue. It is the digital identity of an investment contract, and the assets that it’s able to represent are endless.

Founded in 2014, TECHFUND has put its focus towards support token-related startups with product development and fundraising support; which has included acceleration programmes for ICO/STO startups in Singapore.

The service has also assisted the token economy with Web3 and DAO-related infrastructure design and construction services, including the auditing of blockchain and token projects, and the development of decentralised apps (dApps) and digital wallets.

It has participated in various security audits of blockchain-related services; including QURAS, the privacy-protective blockchain; and JPYC of the JPY stable coin, crypto-asset trading system, wallet and token.

TECHFUND is to establish its new Europe base in order to create a foothold and reinforce accessibility and relation-building within the booming market of token economies such as those of the UK and Switzerland.

Europe has attracted various token players due to its progressive attitude and industry approach, as is true with Switzerland’s CryptoValley and the e-government of Estonia. The regulations are accommodating and the futures are bright in Europe.

According to PlutNeo and Tangany, European STOs have developed at light speed over the course of the last three years, and are forecast to grow rapidly by 2026 when the total market volume is expected to top €918billion.

TECHFUND has appointed Sven von Bismarck as the newest member of its European advisory board,  with von Bismarck bringing to the table in excess of 20 years of international experience in corporate leadership; as well as private equity and real estate investment management.

He has demonstrated success in managing the full investment cycle from origination, analysis and execution, to portfolio management and exit, leading successful deal negotiations, and providing insight into critical aspects of investments.

He was regulated for more than seven years as an investment advisor under the supervision of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With his experience and network, von Bismarck will to support TECHFUND in its planned European expansion.


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