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CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) has time again produced a number of acclaimed certifications that helped keep the IT industry thriving. As most computer technicians tailor themselves with years of experience and a college degree, a CompTIA A+ credential is equally as imposing as the two combined. But passing the CompTIA A+ exams is yet one road you still have to traverse before crossing the highway of becoming a valued IT professional.

Acquiring the knowledge you have gathered through years of experience may seem enough ticket to pass the entry-level certification exam. However, the sphere of IT is advancing, so the need to keep up is imperative. To ultimately pass the certification exam, there are a few things you need to put into action before and during the exam. All these will help in bringing out all your best tools and razor-sharp focus in answering the test

Familiarise a desktop computer

Getting hands-on with a real computer increases your chances of remembering information and putting it into practice. This is because you’re not only memorizing a piece of random question you’ve read from a least-trusted braindump, but you’re actually studying its parts and learning how it ought to work. So by the time you get to face your test questions, you can easily apply your learning since you’ve been in front of a computer several times.

Put theories you’ve learned into practice

As the saying goes, repetition is the mother of all skills. Letting your knowledge become stagnant will defeat its very purpose. Once you’re confident in understanding each theory part in hardware and software support, you can proceed to the game-changing step—practice and more practice! You need to bring your learned theories into real-world practice in order to fully understand them and know the areas that you need to polish more. And what better way than apply it in a number of quality practice tests we’ve uncovered below

Get exposed to different practice tests

Before leading to the topic, it’s vital to remember that no matter how far-reaching resource may be, no study material can cover everything. It always pays to look into various study materials since each offers something different from the others.

Taking the CompTIA A+ practice tests will also give you a closer perspective of what CompTIA may bring to you. Yes, you may know about computers and how to manage and troubleshoot one, yet you’re still not introduced to how CompTIA runs. So, dealing with a practice test straight from CompTIA may give you a different hold of the matter. In addition to the mentioned materials, you can also add up ExamSnap website with offers a wide collection of the precious and most valid CompTIA A+ practice tests to your list. Another study material that is also recommendable for test takers is youtube, where you can find a great amount of useful information about the certification exams you need to take. Not only is reprice is free but it also provides useful and high-quality content.

Learn about the exam’s objectives

Focusing on the exam’s target topics will save you from loads of unnecessary information. It’s not always a good idea to bombard your brain with too many details that won’t even be touched in the actual certification test. In much worse scenarios, this can even be the cause of distractions. The key is to deal with what the exams—both hardware and software—will ask from you and straightaway work on it few months before your scheduled exam. No army should go to war without knowing what the war is all about—and so must you. So, dissect the exam objectives, which include networking and OS, as well as security and even mobile devices. Pour your time and effort with these topics and not on other pointless facts.

Go through video lessons

The internet is a limitless information-extraction place. A lot of mentors, who are as successful test takers and professionals, are willing to post their learning and experiences in popular sites like YouTube. Along with it, you can get more video tutorials from ExamSnap website as well. So, training courses for 220-901 and 220-902 exams will cost you about $24 each, but the information you’ll get will earn you much more money. From there, you can pick practical knowledge from real IT professionals who have experienced how the A+ exams work. Bountiful of advice is detailed out in several video lessons in order to fully wrap up your experience and money. Besides books and online practice tests, videos will stimulate and expand your mind visually.

Browse over CompTIA A+ certification books

No matter how many online materials you can access, a physical book, such as CompTIA A+ Study Guide will be as one of the most useful resources for you. It’s something that you can easily reach and rely on when you’re searching for a more digestible explanation on a topic you might be missing, which you can’t all the time find in online resources. To get it, you can visit the CompTIA official website or you can browse the ExamSnap website where it costs $24 if you purchase it separately, or using the current discount, just for $49, you can get the most updated premium file with questions and answers, the training course and the study guide. It’s a real advantageous offer!

Relax and give the best of your computer skills

Lastly and most importantly, learn to relax amidst the nervousness clouding over you. In many cases, test takers who fail the exams are not the ones who lack the know-how in computers, but those who are too edgy to the extent of getting totally distracted from picking the answers they knew in the very first place. Nervousness can really get in the way as it will steal your focus in the exam. So, pause, remember that you’ve trained the questions from ExamSnap on the VCE Simulator, breath, refocus and bring everything you’ve learned into that exam.


The 90-minute time you have for each exam 220-901 and 220-902 is the best chance to apply everything you have grasped from day one of deciding to become a computer professional. Allow these tips to give you the outcome you desire for your career. Whether you may be faced by a tricky multiple choice question or a complex performance-based question, you are backed by your hard-earned training, the most updated material from ExamSnap and broad computer faculties.



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