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Tinkoff Bank Launches Tinkoff Investments Premium

Tinkoff Bank announces the launch of Tinkoff Investments Premium offering access to over 10,000 global securities and providing personal manager services directly in the mobile app.

What makes Tinkoff Investments Premium different from its peers is that all transactions and investment decisions can be made right in the mobile app in just a few clicks, without personal meetings or phone calls to consultants. Each user of Tinkoff Investments Premium will have a team of personal managers and analysts providing 24/7 chat support.

The product range of Tinkoff Investments Premium has been expanded to offer access to more than 10,000 securities of issuers from 30 countries (hundreds of foreign ETFs, Eurobonds, including from the high-yielding emerging markets, foreign stocks and bonds, etc.).

One of the service’s key features is that there is no minimum entry threshold linked to the account balance. In this way, Tinkoff Bank becomes one of the first in the Russian market to offer premium services to as many investors as possible.

To start using Tinkoff Investments Premium, you need to be a customer of Tinkoff Investments brokerage platform and get a personal invitation from the bank, or apply for access to the premium service via Tinkoff.ru.

A monthly subscription (RUB 3,000) is all that is needed to access the basic catalogue of securities within Tinkoff’s premium service. No fee is charged for the first month. The full catalogue is only available to qualified investors. After obtaining that status via the mobile app’s chat, a Tinkoff Investments Premium customer is presented with unlimited investment opportunities. For example, one can invest in bonds of issuers such as Alibaba, Ford and IBM. Stock investors will enjoy access to such companies as Sony, Samsung, Siemens, Airbus, Adidas, Domino’s Pizza, Volkswagen and Unilever. It is even possible to put one’s money into robot vacuum cleaners, the development team behind GTA V, or Tinder.

Transactions with securities from Tinkoff Investments’ basic catalogue are subject to a 0.03% fee, while trading in stocks, unit investment funds, ETFs or depository receipts included in the extended list comes with a 0.3% fee. A fee of 1–2% applies to trades involving bonds, Eurononds, structured notes or other financial instruments on that list.

“Tinkoff’s ecosystem continues to ramp up its premium capabilities. In April, we launched Tinkoff Black Edition and Tinkoff ALL Airlines Black Edition debit and credit cards for affluent customers and today we are happy to present Tinkoff Investments Premium, a brand new product for investors. The premium service is now available to a much wider audience, with all communications carried out through the mobile app. The premium customers no longer need to waste their time on phone calls or meetings with consultants as even the most sophisticated investment products – such as a note or a portfolio of 20 securities – can be purchased with a single click through the mobile app. We are positive about the prospects of our premium investment tool and expect it to win up to 5% of Tinkoff Investments customers in 2019,” said Alexander Emeshev, Vice President, New Products Development at Tinkoff Bank.


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