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The rise of the comparisons site, expanding into multiple countries and baby penguins

In this 30-minute video interview, Elena Betes, the head of Penguin Portals, a network of comparison businesses within Admiral Group, speaks about comparisons sites, expanding into multiple countries and baby penguins.

lena Betes Penguin Portals
Elena Betes, the head of Penguin Portals

Elena covers her career path, starting with her entrepreneurial background, and her decision to join Rastreator.com (admirals first overseas comparison site)

Discussing the key market drivers that led to the success of comparison sites in Europe and the organisational structure of Penguin Portals  which is the umbrella company for there comparison sites in UK, France, Spain, Mexico and India. We also discuss what are the similarities and differences from each region, and how this is leveraged to help drive innovative products.

The work isn’t all done, Elena discusses plans for further geographical expansion and what procedures and criteria are used for a) market selection, b) market research and c) market delivery/traction.

Plus a great metaphor on the reason why they refer to themselves as a penguin family.


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