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7-Part Series The Blockchain Life Premier Explores Bitcoin in El Salvador

myco, a web3 video streaming platform, is premiering ‘The Blockchain Life’, a new seven-part series exploring everything crypto.

The first episode of The Blockchain Life became available on the platform on 11 December, with each subsequent episode going live every Sunday at 8am GMT.

The series’ first episode looks into the story of the Central American country El Salvador vs The World Bank. El Salvador‘s president Nayib Bukele features in the first episode, speaking on the use of bitcoin in the country.

The first episode focuses on Bukele’s decision to make El Salvador the first country to accept bitcoin as legal tender. As the bear market continues in the crypto world, the episode looks at how the decision has affected the nation.

The episode hears a range of views both for and against the speed of the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador. In the episode, financial journalist Mariana Belloso explains her argument against cryptocurrency for the country. Belloso comments: “I think that cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, are a very good tool for those who are, for example, in highly devalued countries. It is good for countries that have a lot of volatility in their own currencies like Venezuela, and Argentina.

“But in El Salvador, this is not the case. It has the American dollar and doesn’t face that kind of volatility. Therefore, bitcoin is going to solve problems that it doesn’t have. What could happen is it can worsen problems that El Salvador already has.”

Crypto focused seriesĀ 

Six more episodes are due to be released, each with a different focus on the world of crypto. The titles and focuses of these episodes are as follows:

  • The Unexpected Rise of CZ and Binance
  • The Ripple vs SEC Saga
  • The Mystery Of The Metaverse
  • The NFT PhenomenonĀ 
  • BlockchangeĀ 
  • The Alternate Economy in NigeriaĀ 

The Blockchain Life aims to understand crypto from the inside, by talking to a range of key individuals in the space. The series boasts filming locations that cross five continents, as it looks to present how cryptocurrencies affect people worldwide.

Across the series, a range of individuals are consulted and interviewed. The likes of Nayib Bukele; American rapper, actor, and filmmaker Ice Cube; graphical artist Sutu; Dutch DJ Don Diablo and more discuss topics including bitcoin, NFTs and Web3.


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