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The best Bitcoin casino sites ranked

Bitcoin has been around for a while now and while there was initially controversy over the versatility of the cryptocurrency market and in particular, the stability of Bitcoin, many initial investors are beginning to see their investment s level out.

While some like to invest in Bitcoin as a way of building future financial stability, there’s also a huge range of options for using Bitcoin as a payment method. From the hospitality sector to buying other cryptocurrencies, for general consumer services and entertainment venues like online casinos, Bitcoin is now widely accepted in many places across the globe. Below we’ll explore the benefits of using this cryptocurrency as a form of payment and which casinos will accept it.

What are the benefits of paying with Bitcoin?

One of the main draws of Bitcoin is that it does not have to go through a regulatory authority, and this has a huge number of benefits. Bitcoin reduces the hassle of making payments as you don’t need to get pre-authorisation, there are no restrictions on how or when you can make transactions, and payments are not associated with your personal identity.  This doesn’t mean to say you’re a mastermind criminal if you’re using Bitcoin, it could simply be that you’re looking to escape the general restraints on the conventional banking system.

What’s more, Bitcoin can be transferred at a much faster rate around the world, and without the hefty fees associated with a traditional wire transfer. This means that it can be much easier for businesses and travellers alike to use Bitcoin for everyday payments and transfers.

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What are the best Crypto Casino sites?

  1. Bitstarz

Coming in at number one in the review is the Bitstarz online casino. As one of the most popular crypto casinos on the web, this online casino is regulated by the government of Curacao and has over 2,000 games for players to choose from.

While Bitstarz accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, to Ethereum, Dogecoin and more, it also accepts non-crypto payment forms, including MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller. The company also takes a modern approach to engage with customers and very attentive to comments made by customers. Such communication methods include social media, online chat and email.

  1. 7bit Casino

7bit Casino is an online crypto-based casino that has been around since 2014, meaning they can offer the trust and stability that are essential when looking for a good online casino. With 40x wagering and a bonus total of 5 btc, plus 100 free spins, this casino offers excellent value for money. What’s more, the first deposit bonus is 157%.

With 704 games in total on offer and 29 jackpot slots, there’s also a huge variety of games that can be played from anywhere in the world. And in the spirit of cryptocurrencies, 7bit Casino is an incredibly easy platform to navigate and ensures a quick deposit and transaction system.

  1. Cloud Bet

Cloud Bet was established in 2015 and is a premium online gambling and live sports betting site, enabling customers to bet on a range of sports, from the NFL to NBA, NHL, UFC, boxing, darts and tennis. The site is licenced by the government of Montenegro and enables players to deposit their funds into an online hot wallet that allows players to receive and withdraw funds on a daily basis.

In terms of online casino gaming options, Cloud Bet offers Bitcoin slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat to name a few. There is a 100% deposit bonus for up to five Bitcoin, as well as a 10% welcome bonus up to 5 ETH.

  1. Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack is another popular choice amongst the online casino community, offering more than 500 games and a range of features, including a live casino, provably fair, and sports games.

Unlike many purely online based gaming websites, the 7-year-old casino also has an integral support centre, providing assistance to customers very rapidly. The site is registered with the Curacao government and supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

Another benefit of this casino is that they offer a comprehensive loyalty programme, with categories ranging from Bronze for new members, all the way up to VIP. What’s more, new players also get 25 free spins.

Overall, while cryptocurrencies are still yet to be accepted everywhere, we can be sure that the online casino industry is one that is readily embracing Bitcoin and other forms of crypto payment, making gamers lives a lot easier. With no transaction fees, quick withdrawal and deposits and no lengthy permissions required from your bank, crypto casinos offer a much better overall user experience.


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