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The Biggest Tech Industries to Visit in Florida

When it comes to partnering with global tech companies, many people look to Silicon Valley in California first, without considering other states which have plenty to offer. Florida is one standout state, and you may already be aware that NASA has a base there in Cape Canaveral. However, it also has many tricks up its sleeve which makes it a go-to state for tech.

Aerospace and Aviation

Annually, Florida’s aviation industry is said to be worth an estimated $144 billion, and that’s no surprise when you consider that it’s home to 19 commercial airports, which are the host of 10% of America’s passengers in one go. As a result of this demand, aviation industry-leaders such as Boeing and Embraer have business operations in the Sunshine State.

Florida is one standout state, and you may already be aware that NASA has a base there in Cape Canaveral.

As mentioned earlier, Florida is home to one of America’s biggest NASA bases, which makes it a world-leader in space travel. This infamous NASA base is such a massive hit with the public as it lets people outside of the tech sector witness Florida’s space travel technology. You can even watch a space shuttle launch, although of course they are not scheduled according to demand!



When you first think of Orlando, you might think of the fact that Disney Land and Universal Studios are based there. While you might think that their placement is purely for family entertainment, it’s actually reflective of Florida’s booming entertainment technology sector. Considering how much film and television is produced in the United States (LA, New York, Atlanta), it’s incredible to know that Florida ranks third in the US for revenue created by films alone.

Game designers and 3D animators are all making their name in Florida’s ‘High Tech Corridor. If you are planning to visit Orlando, either for business or leisure, then while you’re searching for flights, be sure to check out charter flights Orlando Florida, which take you from A to B with far more efficiency.

Information Technology

As mentioned before, Silicon Valley tends to hog the limelight when it comes to Information Technology. It’s been argued that its IT industry began to boom after the birth of IBM, but it’s now expanded into modern software and mobile phone technology. Orlando seems to consistently knock it out of the park with tech, as many of Florida’s industries are situated there including Fintech, software development and one of America’s largest technology meetups.

Behind all this innovation and industry might also be some of Florida’s universities. In fact, the Florida Institute of Technology was named as the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Best U.S. Universities.’ With state-of-the-art research centres, it might not be a coincidence that Florida is producing some of the world’s best tech leaders.

Florida has many strings to its bow, which is putting it at the forefront of technology development. Whether it’s generating innovators at its universities or attracting people from around the globe to its world-famous businesses, this sunny state is certainly giving California a run for its money. Whether you’re an investor or looking for a place to uncover the latest talent, Florida should be your first stop.


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