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Tech connoisseurs join heads to introduce Shufti Pro for Accurate Identity and Document Verification

Rising stars in the software solutions milieu launch Shufti Pro SaaS for mobile and web-based integration, in line with KYC compliance and AML requirements

BATH, United Kingdom – June, 2016 – A team of talented developers presents Shufti Pro, a SaaS that commences digital identity verification in real-time through facial recognition and document authentication using artificial plus human intelligence. It solves the current problem of  manually having to fulfill the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements by comparing photo IDs to other documents like driver’s license, credit/debit cards, passports, etc. It makes the task at hand much easier by making it accurate to 99.9% and making it the most cost and time efficient.

Shufti Pro provides its customers with a sure shot and simplified way through which they can just hold up their documents to the camera and wait for merely 30 seconds before their documents are flawlessly matched and verified with their identity. It relieves its clients of the hassle and botheration of waiting in long queues to submit the documents by hand in order to get them certified. Moreover, it reduces the chance of error by incorporating facial image matching, ID verification through holographic overlays, and document verification in the system to facilitate the confirmation of the truth of identity.

To prevent the frauds and filter the imposters, Shufti Pro serves as an excellent source of online identity verification so that the real-world person is ensured to be the person who claims to be the owner of the ID documents. To detect this, the added layer of human intelligence, comprises of highly specialized personnel, expert at identifying scammers. They will immediately refuse suspected fraudulent customers who fail to pass the ID screening.

With Shufti Pro, customers will have a reliable source of accurate identity substantiation so they may proceed with their daily business transactions without any security concerns or false consumers to worry about, once it is integrated in their systems. Clients have complete authority at their disposal so they are free to use and market Shufti Pro with their systems, according to their terms.

This innovation will shape the way identity verification has been carried out in the past and will revolutionize the process in a remarkable way. Shufti Pro is definitely the emerging big fish in the market.



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