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SEON: Why Fraud-Fighting Needs To Be Accessible to All

The Fintech Times
With #fraud expecting to cause $10.5trillion worth of damage to companies and everyday people by 2025, @seon_tech explains why #fraudfighting must be accessible to all....

Webinar Review: The Digital Transformation of the Brazilian Banking System

Francis Bignell
To promote the new #Brazilianbankingsystem to investors in the UK, @BrazilEmbassyUK held a #webinar called "The #DigitalTransformation of the Brazilian Banking System"...

Neobank 11Onze Launches Facebook-Style Private Social Network to Create a Unique Customer Experience

Tyler Smith
The Catalonian #neobank @11ONZEbanc has launched the first-of-its-kind Private Social Network, which offers its customers a closer connection to both each other, and to their...