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Searching for Mana: “All You Need is Curve” | Shachar Bialick, Curve

Dominic Brough
Shachar Bialick (Founder and CEO of @imaginecurve) joins Lloyd to discuss how Curve helps its users consolidate multiple #cards, and even allowing them to switch...

HoneyBook To Tap $1tn Independent Service-Based Business Market Following $155m Series D Investment

Francis Bignell
. @honeybook has announced a $155million #SeriesD #equity round led by #DurableCapitalPartners to provide tools for #independentbusinesses #entrepreneur...

Improving founders’ mental health | Matus Maar, Talis Capital

Dominic Brough
This week, Lloyd delves into entrepreneurship and mental health as he welcomes Talis Capital's Matus Maar....