Synergies Between Israel and Latin America to Boost Remote Working by Richie Santosdiaz for The FinTech Times
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Synergies Between Israel and Latin America to Boost Remote Working

Only 51% of companies had the digital tools and the organisational culture necessary to maintain their productivity as social distancing was imposed due to the coronavirus crisis, according to GlobalData. As companies continue to work from home, they are increasingly under pressure to choose resources and bring their work process online. In order to help organisations make that leap efficiently,, a customisable work operating system headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and Xertica, a leading cloud computing consulting firm in Latin America, are partnering to work together in Latin America. This aims to help companies, through’s resources, to be more competitive and achieve their goals with their remote teams. is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that allows teams to create applications to plan and execute tasks, track processes, manage projects, and monitor operations, giving a global vision and control of all stages of production. The company’s Work OS creates endless possibilities for organisations, allowing users to break down and rebuild any work process. The Work OS gives users the options to save time through task automation, freeing up time for the important, creative work needed.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, has seen 16% uptick in content creation in the platform and 17% uptick in communication threads (likes, mentions, new sessions) in Mexico. Today, working remotely has become a necessity that all companies without exception must handle. is a tool that helps facilitate this work, providing the necessary tools to monitor your teams, adapt to what each company needs and make the way of working remotely more efficient. While global workforces turn increasingly to remote work amid the pandemic, has seen a surge in platform use in the Mexican market.

Antonio Couttonlec, the CEO of Xertica, says, “By signing this alliance with, we reaffirm our mission to promote the digital and productive transformation of Latin America. We know that it is the key time to build useful knowledge for thousands of companies and millions of consumers in the region, and that time will be earned, in part, thanks to the technology that allows the correct management of projects, clear communication and the measurement of the efficiency of remote equipment.”

According to Dror Spindel,’s Latin America Regional Channel Director, “Our partnership with Xertica is a significant milestone in’s presence in Latin America. Through this partnership we aim to better align with our customers’ needs, and provide tailored solutions so teams can focus on making an impact, solve problems faster, instantly adapt, and continually improve especially in the new remote work reality. We’re excited to work with an on-the-ground partner like Xertica who is enabling us to implement the platform and support our local customers. has invested in localising our offering, which includes translation of the platform to Spanish, local currency support, content creation, onboarding customisation and much more.”

Xertica has enabled Digital Transformation initiatives to more than 4,000 companies in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. With a highly qualified and specialised team of more than 250 people, Xertica implements the most advanced technologies, all in Software, Infrastructure or Platform as a service. Meanwhile, is a customisable work OS where teams create and shape workflow apps in minutes to plan, run, and track their processes, projects, and operations. The platform connects people to processes and systems, empowering teams to excel in every aspect of their work, while creating an environment of transparency in business; they have offices in Tel Aviv, New York, San- Francisco, Miami, Sydney and London and has raised $234.1 million to date from investors including Sapphire Ventures, Hamilton Lane, HarbourVest Partners, Ion Asset Management, Vintage Investment Partners, Stripes Group, Insight Partners, and Entrée Capital. Over 100,000 paying organisations around the world from over 180 countries use, according to the company. Clearly, both companies offer complimentary services that will benefit remote working in Latin America.


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