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Swiss Digital Asset Bank Opens Metaverse Hub

Digital asset bank Sygnum is opening a metaverse hub later this month to showcase its Web3 product innovations and provide an entry point for investors into the emerging crypto-powered metaverse economy. 

The Swiss crypto bank will officially launch the ‘Decentraland hub’ during a livestream event, taking place within the virtual hub itself, on Tuesday 27 September 2022. To attend the event, visitors visit Decentraland to be directly transported into the virtual Sygnum Bank hub. No specialised software is required, with setup and entry said to take minutes.

Sygnum will use Decentraland as its Web3 portal to the emerging metaverse economy and is located in Decentraland’s self-proclaimed virtual equivalent of New York Times Square.

Sygnum Receptionist CryptoPunk #6808
CryptoPunk #6808 can be found at Sygnum hub’s reception desk

Sygnum’s virtual hub contains a lobby complete with a CryptoPunk receptionist, an interactive NFT gallery and an exhibition hall for future launches and events. The featured receptionist is based on CryptoPunk #6808, a blue-chip NFT that the bank tokenised in December 2021.

The 3D world Decentraland officially opened its virtual doors to the public in February 2020 and has since hosted a range of high-profile events. Metaverse Fashion Week hosted a range of world-renowned luxury brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Hogan and Paco Rabanne within Decentraland in March 2022. This metaverse world leverages a cryptocurrency known as MANA to enable the purchase of virtual land, goods and services.

Visitors can control an avatar to explore the building to learn about Sygnum’s vision of future finance. They can also learn more about the bank itself by visiting the ‘Sygnum Crypto Garden’. Interacting with the receptionist CryptoPunk #6808, visitors can also find an explanation that the bank wants to “promote new ways of communicating and connecting with our community”.

Martin Burgherr, Sygnum
Martin Burgherr, chief clients officer, Sygnum

According to a recent McKinsey report, the metaverse has the potential to reach a value of $5trillion by 2030. The report also suggests that the metaverse will be able to fulfil the demand for enhanced user experiences as personal, digital, physical, financial and social worlds are becoming progressively linked by connected devices.

Martin Burgherr, chief client officer for Sygnum said: “Metaverse investment is ramping up, powered by crypto-enabled retail transactions and a new generation of users completely at home with socialising, shopping and working in virtual spaces.

“Our new metaverse hub is the natural place to showcase Sygnum’s Web3 innovations and provide a trusted entry point for investors into the fast-growing future finance economy.”


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