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New Collaboration Boosts Fundraising Efficiency for Nonprofit Organisations

Swipesum, a payment processing consultancy, and Authorize.net, a Visa solution, are collaborating with 4aGoodCause, an online donation platform, to improve customer support and streamline payment processes for nonprofits.

This partnership will offer organisations on the 4aGoodCause platform flexible payment options, enhanced fraud detection, and dedicated payment support.

Swipesum will provide industry education, contract negotiation, and AI-powered software to reduce payment processing fees, while Authorize.net will ensure reliable and secure payment transactions.

This collaboration aims to boost donation conversion rates and improve donor experience, allowing nonprofits to retain more funds for their missions.

“Our team at Swipesum is passionate about providing financial transparency for our clients and is honoured to be able to help nonprofit organizations extend their missions through more efficient fundraising”, said Michael Seaman, co-founder and CEO, Swipesum.

With our expertise in the payments field and managing merchant fees, nonprofits using 4aGoodCause will have access to the best possible payment terms and rates.”

Donation tools

4aGoodCause streamlines online fundraising with a range of tools, including online donations, event sign-ups, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising and donor management. The platform also helps organisations boost donation conversion rates through personalised branding and mobile-optimised pages.

Its donor management tools foster deeper connections with donors. Additionally, 4aGoodCause offers features for monthly and recurring donations, enabling nonprofits to establish reliable income sources and secure a brighter future for their causes.

Ronald Pruitt, founder and president of 4aGoodCause, also commented: “4aGoodCause is committed to keeping fees low and providing tailored payment options and dedicated support for nonprofits. Collaborating with Swipesum and Visa’s solution will further us in our goal to help make fundraising easy and allow nonprofits to put more of the money they make online towards their mission where it matters most.”


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