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Standard Chartered and C3 Prepare For Sixth Women in Tech Accelerator in the UAE

Standard Chartered has joined forces with UAE-based social enterprise C3 – Companies Creating Change, to launch the next cohort of the Women in Tech accelerator; fostering sustainable growth, and empowering women entrepreneurs within the UAE’s technology sector.

The Standard Chartered Women in Tech accelerator provides female founders with a platform to help them unlock their potential, overcome obstacles, and expedite their business ventures. The initiative spans nine countries and establishes a robust international network of empowered women in the tech industry.

For the accelerator’s sixth edition, Standard Chartered has partnered with C3, a prominent regional impact solutions provider and part of the Global Ventures platform, a Dubai-based venture capital firm investing in emerging markets.

C3 will provide tailored support to women founders, hoping to enable them to accelerate their business and impact potential. Selected founders will join a tailored journey covering various topics, including business acceleration, investor readiness, impact assessment and acceleration, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Rola Abu Manneh, CEO of Standard Chartered in the UAE, Middle East, and Pakistan
Rola Abu Manneh, CEO of Standard Chartered in the UAE, Middle East, and Pakistan

Rola Abu Manneh, chief executive officer of Standard Chartered in the UAE, Middle East, and Pakistan, commented: “This programme is a testament to our shared commitment with the UAE to champion women’s empowerment and support technological innovation.

“Through this dynamic initiative, which offers targeted support, mentorship and access to seed capital, we aim to empower women, enabling them to overcome barriers, seize opportunities, as well as drive transformative change. By nurturing and equipping women with the necessary tools and resources, we are not only fostering diversity and inclusion but also fostering an environment full of innovation and progress.”

Empowering female founders

Applications for the programme are now open, inviting early-stage women founders, focusing on disruptive and impactful solutions based in the UAE, to apply by 16 June 2024.

Medea Nocentini, founder of C3 and senior partner at Global Ventures, Women in Tech accelerator
Medea Nocentini, founder of C3 and senior partner at Global Ventures

Medea Nocentini, founder of C3 and senior partner at Global Ventures, also explained the impact of the Women in Tech accelerator: “Leveraging C3’s extensive experience in the impact entrepreneurship sector, we will empower women founders and facilitate their business journey to the next level of success.

“Through our expansive network of trainers, experts and investors, we aim to provide unparalleled access to knowledge, networks and capital for women-led startups, ensuring their sustainable growth and lasting impact in the technology sector.”

The Women in Tech accelerator will prepare the participants for a Demo Day in October 2024, where female-led founding teams will pitch their businesses to a network of investors and industry experts. A panel of judges will select three businesses to receive AED550,000 ($150,000) in equity-free seed capital, facilitating their startups’ growth.

The Women in Tech programme aims to empower female entrepreneurs to navigate growth as they expand their impact-driven businesses, also aligning with Standard Chartered’s strategic focus on empowering women through entrepreneurship.


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