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Splitit Unlocks Two-Second BNPL Instalments With Launch of White-Label SplititExpress

Splitit introduces a new buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) white-label payment solution supporting a ‘super fast’ two-second checkout time. 

Splitit is launching its latest checkout experience, SplititExpress, which offers a fast, frictionless instalment option for shoppers.

SplititExpress is a white-label product that allows customers to complete transactions via instalments but by using the existing credit on their payment card at checkout. As the product’s name suggests, it supports a checkout time of ‘under two seconds’ while also being compatible with the likes of popular payment methods including GPay and Apple Pay.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Ran Landau, Splitit’s chief technology officer, says its ability to utilise available credit on payment cards at the checkout is what enabled the company to build “a super-fast, frictionless experience that drives the highest conversion,” with approval rates allegedly over 85 per cent.

Landau goes on to explain how the flexibility of the new mobile-first experience offered by SplititExpress also provides a significant advantage for merchants.

“They can add their own branding and messaging, as well as choose the monthly or bi-weekly payment options that are best suited to their customers,” he says. “This level of customisation is unmatched by legacy BNPL providers in the market, and is likely to be a major selling point for merchants looking to improve their customers’ payment experience.”

Better for brands

SplititExpress seeks to reinforce its merchant partners’ brand consistency with a white-label solution that overcomes the need for multiple payment logos to appear at the checkout. With this, partners have a better opportunity to drive brand loyalty and repeat purchases

Furthermore, merchants retain full ownership of their customers’ journey and first-party data, an invaluable asset for building long-term customer relationships and improving the overall shopping experience.

“By using cutting-edge technologies, our engineering team has not only improved the speed and performance of our solution, they have delivered the most seamless card-attached instalment experience in the market,” continues Landau.

“Reducing technical uplift for our merchants is always top of mind at Splitit, that’s why SplititExpress can be embedded into their checkouts by simply adding a few lines of code.

“The result is an end-to-end process that takes less than two seconds for a consumer to pay with instalments, compared to the average one to two minutes that even the fastest legacy BNPLs offer,” he concludes.

Instead of originating new consumer loans, Splitit unlocks existing consumer credit on payment cards for zero per cent interest, pay-over-time instalments. Any consumer with available credit on their credit card is automatically pre-qualified to use Splitit for the value of that available credit. There’s no application, registration or redirects and no additional interest, hidden fees or credit checks.


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