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Skycap to Launch Flagship $150million Fintech Investment Platform

SKYCAP Investment Management Limited, a Dubai-based global financial services firm, is all set to launch a unique investment platform for clients who want to capitalise on the considerable opportunities developing across the fintech spectrum in key emerging markets.

The investment program, SKYCAP’s flagship equity offering, aims to raise an initial fund size of $150 million and will have equity shares in fintech.

Saikat Kumar, Founder, and CEO of SKYCAP Investment Management Ltd., said, “Investment opportunities in the fintech industry are growing rapidly. Over the last few years, services provided by finTech firms have gained significant prominence, and there remains a great interest in unlocking new opportunities for innovation within this space.

“Over the last few years, services provided by fintech firms have gained prominence, and are increasingly impacting consumers and broader economies. Fintech ecosystems across the world have not only enthused technological innovation, but have also made financial markets and systems more efficient thereby improving the overall customer experience. The SKYCAP team, through its flagship Private Equity Platform, would like to tap the evolving space and will invest across key emerging markets for investors looking to capitalise on disruptive opportunities across the fintech spectrum thereby enabling entrepreneurs and business owners navigate growth and reach their full potential,” Kumar further commented.

Skycap’s vision is to consistently provide best-in-class financial management services and offerings. “Skycap strongly believes in human capital, and hence, intends to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and business owners, while investing in high-impact businesses that are well-positioned to grow. For this fintech platform, we aim to deploy an active portfolio management strategy, led by a strong independent advisory board to generate robust EBITDA growth that leads to superior returns to our stakeholders. The platform also intends to offer viable exit options for its investors to attract a liquidity event, such as strategic sale, trade sale, or a capital market listing,” Kumar said.

The growth rate of the FinTech industry is exponential. Based on the latest report by Adroit Market Research, the global fintech market size is projected to reach US$ 460 billion by 2025, citing the increasing use of mobile banking applications and rising investments in fintech solutions as among the key growth drivers. Meanwhile, a study by Accenture has found that fintech will account for eight percent of Middle East financial services revenue by 2022. The same report revealed that the number of fintech start-ups is expected to top 250 this year and will grow by up to $125 million a year to reach $2.5 billion in 2022.

“Undoubtedly, fintech is evolving rapidly and thereby bringing radical change across global economies Evidently, technology has taken over the world, and is a dominant driver of global economic growth and innovation. Today, fintech is redefining customer experience in everything we do thereby presenting an amazing opportunity,” reasoned Sandeep Verma, Head of Fintech Private Equity, SKYCAP.

“The aggressive digital transformation agenda happening in the region and elsewhere across the globe is certainly disrupting the future of financial services. Fintech has also become a sunshine sector in the current global pandemic, which has brought unprecedented difficulties to economies. No doubt now is the time to capitalise on the promising fintech market,” Saikat Kumar added.


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