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SingularityNET Launches BETA Version of its AI Marketplace

  • Aims to create the world’s first ever decentralised AI marketplace – AI is a sector that could see global GDP increase 14% by 2030

  • Beta version showcases how AI algorithms will be available on SingularityNET – services that could enhance products and shift consumer demand and account for 45% of total economic gains from AI by 2030

  • Use of AI blockchain technology to distribute a wide ranges of AI algorithms – AI is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030 more than the current output of China and India combined

SingularityNET, the platform for the creation, sharing and monetization of AI services has announced the launch of its BETA version on the Ethereum blockchain. The launch follows two initial stress testing sessions by the community and volunteers during February.

The BETA launch aims to showcase the benefits of a fully functioning AI marketplace where individuals, small businesses and government agencies can purchase algorithms that has traditionally been only available to Silicon Valley giants. Services on offer will include: Gene-annotation services and an AI toolset for genomic underpinning, image and emotion recognition services, object detection and speech-recognition.

Ben Goertzel, CEO and Chief Scientist: “The SingularityNET vision is a big one, fulfilling it will take considerable time and effort as we reach our goals.  Further features will be added, but the February beta release is already deploying a wide variety of social and commercial value research AI agents. We are grateful to the SingularityNET community for helping us get to this point, and especially to the members who helped test the pre-beta versions of the platform”.

“As the AI economy matures and expands, the demand for a democratic and decentralized AI infrastructure is becoming increasingly clear, as is the need within businesses across the spectrum for AI tools with a greater variety of focus and generalization capabilities.  We are eager to confront the next challenge of dramatically expanding our software base and community to meet these needs ”

The launch of the BETA version follows a series of successful partnership commitments from leading technology companies, AI firms and government organisations signed since SingularityNET’s successful ICO in 2017. The team has partnered with over twenty partnerships some of which include: UNESCO,  and the government of Malta. The launch of the BETA version follows months of interaction, collaboration and feedback from the highly active and growing community, whose views have formed the framework for SingularityNET’s creation, values it hopes will continue as the team creates a compassionate and helpful pillar of AI support for the digital economy.


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