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Sift Interview: Exposing the Multi-Billion Dollar Fraud Economy

In this interview, The Fintech Times sits down with Kevin Lee, Trust and Safety Architect at Sift, to discuss the biggest changes in fraud and security over the last 12-months.

Gina Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, kicked off the interview by asking how the fraud landscape had changed over the last 12-months, with Kevin answering that new and improved products – originally created with customer comfort in mind, had now opened more doors when it came to fraud.

From siloed teams to consumers ambivalent to shopping online, fraudsters have used the pandemic as a way to take advantage of customers.

Towards the end of the interview, Kevin outlined ways that retailers could protect themselves against new ways of attacks and also explained why a good partnership and fraud prevention tools are essential for any business in this current climate.

For more information on how the last 12 months have changed in terms of fraud and digital safety, the Q1 2021 Trust and Safety Index: Exposing the Multi-billion Dollar Fraud Economy is now available to download from Sift.


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