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September at The Fintech Times: Partnerships

The focus this month at The Fintech Times is on Partnerships with topics such as how partnerships between fintechs have seen a surging market growth, and whether relationships with big banks are more collaboration or competition.

This is the month where we will get into detail about the numbers – not only large scale mergers and acquisitions but how an increase in partnerships can also help the vulnerable as fintech collaborations seek to serve gaps in the market. From a shift in the way consumers bank online, to enabling workers to get paid in real-time, it has only been an increase in partnerships throughout the pandemic and beyond that make such opportunities happen.

But what is a good partnership? And what should a fintech, its customers and shareholders, expect from certain collaborations?

Webinars this month include:

Partnerships: B2B Between Fintech Verticals – released Thursday 9th September at 11am

Developing products and solving problems not only takes time for fintechs, but often great partnerships too. Whether that’s adopting a payment provider that can service a new audience, or ensuring safety through remote working, a good partner is one of the key ingredients in making a Fintech successful. In this webinar, we want to highlight some of the most revolutionary partnerships in Fintech and how they have contributed to the perception that fintechs not only move fast, but are compliant and scalable in a predominantly high-growth industry.

Partnerships: Expansions, Mergers and Acquisitions – released Thursday 16th September at 11am

Key partners in Fintech are often driven by expansions, mergers and acquisitions. This webinar will examine some of the most high profile mergers and acquisitions over the last 12-months, while asking which Fintech big players are preparing for expansion? With many verticals in Fintech gaining traction such as eSports, MedTech and the wearables market, we examine what type of hybrid partnerships for fintechs will be on the cards in the future.


  • Gina is a fintech journalist (BA, MA) who works across broadcast and print. She has written for most national newspapers and started her career in BBC local radio.

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