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Searching for Mana: The Rise of the Gen Z Investors | Yorick Naeff, Bux

Treating customers as equals, in simple terms, without talking down to them, is the vital communication strategy that is helping Bux offer it’s affordable and accessible broking services to a new generation of investors across Europe, and it’s going well explains Yorick Naeff (CEO of Bux) in conversation with Lloyd Wahed of Mana Search, so well that they recently raised $80m to take their service into more European countries.

Bux has nearly 200 staff and more than half a million customers already through understanding the mindset of next-gen investors who want simple and mobile solutions. Bux has created their own solutions where they needed to so that the customer journey is simple, and charges are kept to a minimum.

Investment carries risk, that’s a basis for the opportunity, but the company tries to reduce risk through easy-to-read explanations of key terminology that de-mystify jargon and they encourage investors to talk to each other through a platform while they provide alerts if it looks like an investor might be stretching their investments too far.

Bux has focused on investors in six European countries so far, which until the pandemic had been a tradition of low-risk investment through savings accounts, but with negative interest rates, a new generation of investors has demanded more from their money. Yorick explains that with such low returns from traditional banking and so much uncertainty about how to pay for the future, people are being “pushed to invest” and this is a driver to the growth of Bux particularly from younger, and often, first-time investors. It will make its own revenues from scale, not from an expensive business model, so they are targeting growth in the number of “active fund clients”, who are engaged users investing and trading regularly. Breakeven is a couple of years off, but BUX are ambitious, and they want to be the No1 provider in their market.

Yorick’s own journey took a turn to entrepreneurialism in his early 30’s after a career in more traditional banking and was driven by a passion for making banking more affordable and accessible, and a great team that shares the same vision. He became CEO during a time of remote working and the biggest challenge was to hold onto and develop the culture, but as a tech company based in the cloud the “new normal” means that he expects people to meet more than they did during a pandemic but not full-time office-based for all. Yorick has a global ambition to become a sustainable company and market leader. Their timing is good and the demand for “affordable and accessible” looks set for the long term.



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