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International Tokenised Security Exchange Platforms: Are Investors Ever Going to Embrace This?

The Fintech Times
Alternative Asset Security ‘tokenisation’, is a major shift in Asset funding, promising improved transactional efficiency and wider access to larger markets. But technology alone is
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STRealised Awards: Security Token Innovators Come to the Fore at London Conference

The Fintech Times
Digitised assets and tokenised securities are still in their infancy, but they’re coming… Emerging from the shadows of the much-maligned initial coin offering (ICO), the

Security Tokens Realised

This event will bring together companies looking to do security token offerings with investors and solution providers who can assist in running STOs. Many security
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Mash Announces 50 Million Euro Equity Round and Launch of Europe’s First Security Token Offering

Mash Group Plc, a Finnish FinTech company specialising in consumer lending and pay later solutions , has announced that pre-registration has begun for a Securitised Token offering (STO).  Mash is partnering with DLA Piper, Trust and Token to offer professional investors the means to participate in the current equity round using both crypto and fiat currency. Deloitte has been selected to provide AML and KYC services. The whitelisting process will begin in October with the round closing in December 2018. The STO is part of Mash’s broader EUR 50 million equity round. Security tokens are not the same as utility tokens, as have been issued in a number of recent initial coin offerings (ICOs). The Mash security tokens are backed by assets and token holders would have voting rights and dividend rights of the company issuing the token. “Security Tokens by definition are securities”, says Mash CEO James Hickson. “As such, they are subject to securities regulation and oversight. We are working closely with our partners to ensure we are fully compliant with security laws and regulations on a platform that can manage the process of issuance and management through the lifecycle of the asset. The STO is only open to professional investors, with each token having the same voting and dividend rights as one ordinary share of Mash.” Founded in 2007, Mash offers consumer credit, as well as “pay-later” solutions for retailers in store and online. The group is present in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Luxembourg and Spain. “We continue to look for ways to innovate. When we considered how to approach our equity round,
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The Tokenised World Of The Future

by ALEX VERGÉ  The most optimistic and prophesying minds in the industry are envisaging a future ‘tokenised world.’ A world where anything from traditional financial

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