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SafetyPay Launches New Partnership With Betcris

SafetyPay, the leading digital alternative payment platform providing solutions across Latin America and Europe, has announced a new partnership with Betcris, Latin America’s leading sports betting and iGaming brand.

SafetyPay’s solution for providing alternative payment methods will allow players to make online deposits and cash payments through banks or cash collection points.

More regions legalizing sports betting, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing casinos to close and many people to stay at home, sparked a sharp rise in online games and betting in all forms. It is projected that the global online gambling market will be valued at more than $92.9 billion USD in 2023, almost doubling the current market size: $59 billion USD.

Through SafetyPay, online casino operators can offer quick and convenient alternative payment methods to non-cardholders or fraud-wary customers who choose not to share credit card details online.

Betcris’ players will have the option to pay for online games and sports betting through bank transfer or cash instead of using a credit or debit card. SafetyPay’s solution offers customers a risk-free option as they are never asked to share any personal information or details. The platform supports the connection to banking institutions, where customers can enter their banking credentials to make transactions in a secure way. Additionally, payments are automatically made in the local currency of the player, transactions are completed much faster and access to funds is immediate.

“By accepting alternative forms of payment powered by SafteyPay, Betcris expands its customer base by providing access to people around the world that either do not have credit cards or have them but do not want to use them online,” said Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO, SafetyPay. “Powering secure payments is a core focus for SafetyPay. Using the latest technology we’re able to better protect our customers – both consumers and merchants – and provide the best experience when they transact online.”

SafetyPay operates in 18 countries across Latin America, Europe and North America, and has the largest payment network in Latin America, integrated with over 90% of the banks in the region.


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