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Rsquare Technologies Celebrating 10 Years Of Shaping Innovation In The Kingdom of Bahrain

 Bahrain based software development company Rsquare Technologies has passed the 10 year mark in the Kingdom. As a leader within the FinTech space, Rsquare has developed 19 innovative IT FinTech solutions, that were utilized by 400+ clients locally. The company has supported public and governmental entities spanning across various key sectors including Oil and gas, Insurance, banking, education, automobile, construction, hospitals and medical, and more.

Rsquare Technologies has created a successful case study as a FinTech pioneer in Bahrain. The company is a resident of Bahrain FinTech Bay; MENA’s largest FinTech hub, and has been part of several high-level delegations taking part in the Singapore FinTech Festival, Bahraini economic delegation to India, Vizag FinTech Festival  in Andhra Pradesh, and several regional conferences in Jeddah, UAE, and more.

End of 2019, Rsquare Technologies and Singapore-based venture accelerator Startup Accelerator have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote cooperation in FinTech and other emerging technologies while fostering innovation and startup growth. The company is currently in talks with several banks regionally, in line with their expansion plans focused on Kuwait and Muscat, to introduce custom bilingual software for their market needs.

Over the years, Rsquare Technologies has built an internal research and development center to create, and produce “Bahrain-made innovative solutions” to serve the Kingdom, whilst providing a launching pad for younger generations to excel and exhibit their technological skills. The company’s mission is to become one of the biggest IT development centers in the kingdom of Bahrain, and to serve the entire Region.

Rsquare Technologies is a custom software development company that specializes in developing scalable user-friendly applications and automation software, backed by exceptional technological expertise. The company offers cross dimensional  IT- focused solutions which encompasses Artificial intelligence, automation, maintenance, and management tools. Some  of their products include an Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot Sara, Automation tools such as compucheque; computerized cheque system pre-configured with all Bahrain banks, compuform; an innovative form printing software, CIS software; a survey automation process focused on the insurance sector, Easy Recon; which automates the reconciliation process for financial institutions. Additionally, management tools include the HRMS; a one click help-desk that gives a complete overview, property management and maintenance tools to serve the real estate sector, and more.

Shanthini Raja, Founder, Chairperson & CEO of Rsquare Technologies “We are celebrating 10 years of shaping innovation. Day to day we continue to follow the ethos of building regionally-focused Hybrid tech solutions that work for this market, and allow businesses to do more. Our continued success, and resilience in the Kingdom reflects Bahrain’s commitment to creating a business-friendly culture. We were blessed to have a strong foundation for FinTech companies, like us, to flourish, with the right infrastructure, tech-friendly regulations and a thriving entrepreneurial community.

She added, “Our successful journey these past years is due to the support from our clients, partners, and most importantly our committed and passionate  team for allowing us to continue, and to do more. We are grateful, and thankful to have been supported, and backed by various governmental entities such as Bahrain EDB, BCCI, MOIC, Tamkeen, The Indian Embassy, Rowad, and more.”

Shanthini Raja is a pioneer within the FinTech space, and has established herself as a regional speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. She is committee Member of the Women in FinTech Bahrain; an initiative by the Bahrain Economic Development Board, an active member of Bahrain Business Women Society, and has been involved in various business and community groups such as Amcham Bahrain, Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization (BEO), Bahrain India Society and several more. She received several awards including the Bahrain Business Women Award from the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Hyderabad India. The Indian Arab Friendship Foundation, and more.


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