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Amidst Geopolitical Volatility Archer Adds BITA Risk Platform

corfinancial, a leading provider of specialist software and services to the financial services sector, has been chosen by technology and services innovator Archer to provide Archer’s investment management clients with advanced portfolio and model construction through the integration of corfinancial’s BITA Risk suite of products. 

In recent months, Archer has integrated the BITA Wealth solution in the services offered to new and existing Archer clients, seamlessly weaving Model Overlay Management, Portfolio Risk, Style and Factor Analysis together with its existing middle office technology solution. The BITA Risk suite adds the functionality wealth managers require to assess investors’ attitudes and needs related to risk, match that to the firm’s investment offerings, model the proposed portfolio, issue the proposal, and monitor against that proposal.

“Broadening the suite of capabilities available to investment manufacturers through our integrated platform has been an important strategic initiative for us,” said Bryan Dori, Archer CEO. “The BITA integration is one of the ways we’re helping our clients add significant value in their relationships with investors.”

The BITA Risk suite adds the functionality wealth managers require to assess investors’ attitudes and needs related to risk

 Daryl Roxburgh, Global Head of BITA Risk, said: “Archer is a key player in the US investment management services industry, with a robust suite of services efficiently executed via its premier cloud-based platform. BITA Wealth compliments Archer’s capabilities and adds a significant set of functions for the CIO, Advisor and Compliance and Governance teams within an organisation.”

Commenting on global markets tumbling amid US-China trade tensions, Rupert Thompson, Head of Research at Kingswood, said: “The tumble in global stock markets is not a big surprise. Hopes of a US-China trade deal were a major factor behind the sharp rebound in markets this year and with Trump’s tariff threat now putting a deal in doubt, it is no surprise equities have taken a hit. However, the 2% drop in global equities from their high has to be seem in the context of the 15% gain seen year-to-date prior to Trump’s tweets. It is hard to tell whether the latest ratcheting up of tension is just part of Trump’s negotiating tactics or there has been substantive backtracking by the Chinese to justify his intervention. Either way, it is still in the interest of both parties to reach a deal. And while the risks have certainly risen, on balance we still expect one to be reached – even if not in time to prevent a temporary hiking of tariffs on Friday.”


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